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HE Dr. Ahmed Saeed bin Hazeem

UAE, DUBAI - Economy

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Director-General, Dubai Courts


Ahmed Saeed bin Hazeem earned his Bachelor’s degree in Law and Police Science from Dubai Police Academy in 1991. He acquired a PhD in Public International Law from the University of Wales in 2000. He worked for the Dubai Police Force from 1991 until January of 2005. In February 2005, he went on to work in the Executive Office in Dubai, where he directed the Department of Human Resources Development. In September of the same year he was chosen for the post of Deputy Director General of His Highness the Ruler of Dubai’s Court. He has been the Director General of the Dubai Courts since 2005. He is also a member of the Executive Council in Dubai.

How has Dubai Courts improved over the years? Since the beginning of 2006, Dubai Courts has moved swiftly in developing various aspects of its internal arrangements, as well as improving […]

How has Dubai Courts improved over the years?

Since the beginning of 2006, Dubai Courts has moved swiftly in developing various aspects of its internal arrangements, as well as improving the standard of its services. Internally, there was a revision for procedures and structures. They were developed simultaneously with the strategic plan, which lead us to achieve our annual goals and objectives.

One of the aims of Dubai Courts is to raise competitiveness in law schools. How are you achieving this?

We support the initiatives of law schools by introducing programs that help to bridge theory and practice, as well as introduce the reality of our work here. We staged the first regional judicial court that gives students the opportunity to pit their wits against each other in a mock trial conducted in front of a panel of real judges. This is only one of many programs that we run at Dubai Courts for students of law schools. Additionally, we arrange research competitions for law students to encourage legal research in law departments.

Could you name other programs that you have launched, or are participating in?

On-the-job training is facilitated and secured for students from all law schools in the UAE according to their demands, and is considered a social responsibility. We always keep these issues in mind and seek to satisfy the needs of law schools.

What is Dubai Courts’ approach toward social responsibility?

An example of this is that the pro bono programs designed in cooperation with advocates and law firms in Dubai. We provide litigants free consultation by our lawyers. We design projects where we list those advocates who volunteer for the program. We coordinate and facilitate the lawyers’ advice for the litigants. This attempt was very well received. Also, there are so many other programs associated with the national interests and events in general. In different seasons we have different programs, for example in Ramadan we arrange different events for the community.

How consistent is the legal system in supporting businesses in Dubai?

We have published our report annually since 2006. The report clearly shows our very high performance in handling cases in terms of speed and accuracy. The most important elements and message to be sent to our business community here in Dubai is the degree of transparency at Dubai Courts. The quality of our services is evidence of the standard of our systems here. We have also, of course, adopted high-end technology, which is rather uncommon internationally. We hosted an international conference in Dubai with judicial personnel from all over the world, attended by practices from around 50 countries. It inspires confidence in our community to have a trusted judicial system in Dubai.

What conclusions did you draw from the international conferences?

Many lessons, practices, and thoughts were shared and exchanged with the representatives of different countries. We compared our way of operating against those of others, which is always a useful practice. We had the opportunity to see the challenges faced and achievements made by other courts. Meanwhile, we demonstrated the sophistication of our own systems, the latest technology, and the implementation of administrative and improved management systems. For eight years, we have operated an excellence program, which is envied worldwide.

What are the main differences between Dubai Courts and the DIFC Courts?

We share the same mission for Dubai, and both entities provide judicial services in Dubai within certain jurisdictions determined by administration in Dubai. We work together to ensure that their judgments are enforced in Dubai. We have a broader remit and range of specialties. The DIFC Courts mainly hear commercial and non-criminal cases.



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