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Craig Breese

MEXICO - Industry

Always Adaptable

CEO, Honeywell


Craig Breese’s professional experience has spanned several industries in roles with Deere & Company, Tenneco, United Technologies, Maytag/Whirlpool and Honeywell. His experience began in sales and marketing and continued to evolve into finance, business development and general management. He began his career with Honeywell in 2007 as Vice-President Americas for E&ES (Environmental Solutions & Systems) and then as President of the Honeywell Consumer Products (CPG), a part of transportation systems at Honeywell where he assumed his current role as President, Honeywell Mexico, Central South America, in December 2015.

“We have 127,000 employees and 22,000 engineers globally.“

What is the history of Honeywell and how has the company evolved since its establishment in Mexico?

Honeywell’s story starts in 1936 during the administration of President Cárdenas, when the oil industry was nationalized. Operating through a subsidiary called Universal Oil Products (UOP), in the subsequent 80 years we have grown to have a very large presence in the country. We now have more than 17,500 employees in Mexico at 15 manufacturing sites and our new investigation and research facility, called the Honeywell Technology Solutions Center, in Mexico City, primarily dedicated to producing software solutions for clients and customers throughout Latin America. We are evolving from being an industrial company to being a cyber-industrial company. We do not focus on the end consumer in our business operations, but instead on B2B, which we need in order to advance the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). We are transforming the world by blending great physical products with advanced software and analytics across many industries. Additionally, although our industrial applications are not consumer-oriented, they end up being used by people in their daily lives: 15 million homes in the world are using our connectivity solutions for example. This interaction could help in the refining industry, smart buildings, airports, food and beverages, hospitality, healthcare, and retail. We have 127,000 employees and 22,000 engineers globally, over half of which are software engineers. This demonstrates how the traditional industrial orientation of Honeywell is shifting toward the cyber-industrial segment.

How important is Mexico to Honeywell’s global strategy?

There are a couple of things that set Mexico apart from the rest of the world. In Honeywell there is a group of countries denominated as high-growth regions. Mexico is in the top five along with China, India, Brazil, and Russia. One of the most exciting things about Mexico is its diverse economic base. Automotive is where manufacturing really took off, but it has since spread into aerospace and other sectors. This diversity gives the country less of a risk profile and more of an opportunity and growth profile. As Mexico develops its infrastructure and education, we will see much more growth in the southern areas, which could be an interesting and profitable area of investment and could lead to real, sustainable development.

Where is Honeywell located in Mexico?

One of the first places we entered in the Mexican market was Tijuana but we have presence in cities like Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez, San Luis Potosí­, Mexicali, Monterrey, and Mexico City of course. Our presence includes manufacturing and design of technologies that go from gas valves for air conditioners and water heaters, to aerospace, sensing, controls, security, and fire equipment, as well as commercial mobile scanning devices for large food and beverage firms, smart electrical meters for all kinds of structures and of course, our industrial software engineering center.

What is the importance for Honeywell of this new technology center in Mexico City?

About 60% of our global growth over the next five years is expected to be connected to software and in order to achieve that, we have Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS), which is the engineering, technology research and development arm of Honeywell. With more than 10,000 employees worldwide and a presence in China, India, the Czech Republic, and Mexico, it serves customers with aerospace products and services, turbochargers for the automotive segment, technology for smarter and connected home and buildings, safety, sensing, and productivity solutions, and industry process technologies, process controls, and performance materials that can be applied in a spectrum of industries. HTS in Mexico will focus on designing products in Mexico for Mexico, which means that it will work to understand the needs of the local market and design products that meet and compete with the big global players in these markets.

What are Honeywell’s goals in Mexico in the next few years?

Our vision is to ensure that our presence emphasizes the unique qualities, needs, and capabilities of the country by having people running our businesses, developing our products, and managing our factories who understand the culture, environment, and opportunity of the Mexican market.



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