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Amal Al Aathem Qatari Artist & Businesswoman

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Amal Al Aathem

Qatari Artist, & Businesswoman


Amal Al Aathem is one of the most prominent and proactive Qatari artists today. She is well known for establishing programs for women and the youth and occupies many roles, including consultant of fine arts in the Ministry of Culture and Sports, creative consultant in Qatar Heritage & Cultural Events Center, board member at the Qatar Business Woman Association, and founder & chairman of the 7th Heaven Arts Center. Her work has been widely exhibited in the region and in different parts of the world.

Amal Al Aathem is a Qatari Artist & Businesswoman.

Amal Al Aathem is a Qatari Artist & Businesswoman.

Women in business are becoming a steady trend in the Qatari business landscape. What have been the contributing factors to this trend, and how do you expect it to evolve?

Over the years Doha experienced a great diversity in the business field which was eye-opening and as a result of this women had a wide range of choices on which to establish themselves and working towards promoting and nourishing their chosen business field. Education in Qatar has been much developed and much stronger, Qatari women started to prioritize their education whether in the country or abroad and began having more awareness on how to become more financially independent therefore they chose to divert their education and passion into a business that can fully accomplish them as established business women in the country. When women choose specific fields in business or the market, they serve the community as they contribute into closing gaps where there are needs that aren’t catered to yet across the country. This is how the economy gets stronger.

As a board member of the Qatari Businesswomen Association, how would you classify the role of the association in bringing together and forging the female leadership in the country?

In addition to the undeniable outstanding team work spirit that we have, we truly take our time in the selection and evaluation process to make sure that our choices are always fair and right. Through our hard work the opportunity to many women is now given to shine in different platforms to flourish in their fields, lead in key role positions and take authoritative decisions that enables them to have a say in crucial roles in the society. For example, we initiated multiple awards and prizes to motivate the ladies, for different generations. We recognize the older generation for initiating such businesses in all fields and the newer generation for picking up after the previous generation and developing it further with more innovation. This motivates all women to do better as they are being recognized for their efforts. 



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