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Amer Ali

UAE, UAE, DUBAI - Transport

Amer Ali

Executive Director, Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA)


Amer Ali holds the position of the Executive Director of DMCA, the government entity in charge of regulating and safeguarding the maritime sector in Dubai. He is also a member of the Supreme Committee of Maritime Affairs of the Government of Dubai and a board member of the Federal Transport Authority-Land & Maritime. Ali has completed a PhD degree in maritime transport technology, has a master’s degree in business administration – general management, finished the Senior Executive Program at Harvard Business School and the Program of Leading Businesses into the Future from London Business School, graduated in communications management, and obtained a diploma in mass communication from the University of Westminster in London.

DMCA's innovation strategy and cooperation with government and private-sector partners has made Dubai and the UAE an influential force in the global maritime industry.

How is DMCA integrating technologies and innovation to enhance Dubai’s leading position in the maritime sector?
DMCA aims to promote innovation as a cornerstone for enhancing the competitiveness, attractiveness, and comprehensiveness of the maritime community and elevate Dubai to the ranks of the world’s leading maritime capitals. The Dubai Maritime Virtual Cluster is a platform that embodies DMCA’s commitment to instilling a culture of creativity and innovation as an integral part of the process of building a renewed, safe and sustainable marine sector. As a smart knowledge and research platform, it facilitates the work of recreational marine means and activities as a key element in driving the growth of the tourism sector in Dubai, with a focus on establishing high-quality tourism facilities and creating new jobs within the marine leisure sector. The initiative is an innovative concept designed to enhance the ease, efficiency, and quality of providing a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of marine services to marine investors from around the world, as well as building constructive partnerships and positive participation of maritime sector leaders through the virtual presence mechanism. The Smart Mobile Service is at the forefront of the innovative marine initiatives, which have contributed to the successive achievements of DMCA on the path of intelligent transformation, seeking to facilitate access to government services for the benefit of customers and the maritime community. Under the Smart Mobile Service initiative, we have developed a smart car equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver mobile services, including a mobile smart maritime center that provides self-service. Furthermore, the initiative aims to develop innovative solutions in line with Dubai’s plans to transform into a smart city with the world’s best technology infrastructure.

How will DMCA capitalize on the opportunities offered by Expo 2020?
DMCA and Expo Dubai have affirmed their commitment to utilize the potential available to build a safe, renewable, and sustainable maritime sector in line with the economic diversification plans of Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Maritime Week presents a world-class platform to promote the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and best practices, while enhancing the local maritime sector’s attractiveness, efficiency, and competitiveness, especially after Dubai was named one of the best maritime capitals in the world in 2019.

How do you assess the maritime sector’s contribution to Dubai’s broader economy?
Dubai moved up in the ranking of the world’s top-five maritime centers in 2019. The same year, Dubai was ranked first in the Middle East and ninth in the world among the top maritime capitals. Maintaining the fifth position among the leading international maritime centers motivates us to continue our efforts to further enhance Dubai’s competitiveness in the global maritime landscape. Recent reports show an increase in the number of offshore companies, from 5,500 in 2016 and 6,655 in 2017 to 7,400 in 2018. Currently 13,000 maritime and investment activities have led to the creation of 76,000 jobs. In 2019, the maritime sector witnessed a remarkable boom as Dubai’s maritime industry accounted for 7% of the total GDP.

As we approach a new decade, what is your vision for DMCA?
The remarkable progress made by Dubai as one of the world’s best maritime capitals for 2019 is not surprising, as it serves as a continuation of the path to become number one in the world. DMCA’s focus on innovation to advanced infrastructure and legislation ensures the highest standards of efficient maritime operations, occupational safety, and environmental practices. We will continue implementing an integrated and impactful portfolio of initiatives to enhance the sector’s competitiveness and guarantee its contributions to the country’s sustainable growth and economic diversification strategy.



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