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Amet Novillo President, Mexican Association of Data Centers (MEXDC)

MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Amet Novillo

President, Mexican Association of Data Centers (MEXDC)


Amet Novillo has more than 25 years of experience in business IT and telecommunications environments in companies like Axtel and Alestra. Novillo obtained a degree in telecommunications engineering from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, an MBA in business administration and finance, as well as various certificates from internationally recognized schools.

"Lack of personnel is a global problem, and the solution lies in education."
MEXDC is looking to the future by focusing on being a spokesperson for the industry, conducting studies on technological innovation, and addressing challenges in the sector such as training.
What benefits does MEXDC offer to companies entering Mexico?

In addition to being the second-most competitive economy in Latin America and one of the 15 largest in the world, Mexico is one of the countries that leads the present and future of the data center industry. As a member of MEXDC, our partners enjoy benefits such as being part of the leading data center industry in Mexico, having a single voice for the dissemination and communications of important topics, promotion in the country and abroad, participation in committees and events with associations from other countries, lobbying in government organizations, as well as efficient representation in interest groups.

How does MEXDC encourage collaboration among companies within the industry?

MEXDC is focused on remaining neutral. We are the voice of the industry and work as a team to reap benefits, focus on growing, and strengthen our industry as a whole while maintaining excellent relationships among our members. To ensure impartiality, we hired an executive director that has no relation with the companies. Furthermore, we have four commissions—regulations, energy, talent, and sustainability—that attend to their own agendas. As well, we all follow strict protocols that ensure our consistency and quality.

There is talk of a USD8.5-million investment entering the data center industry. What would be the implications of this for the Mexican economy?

The data center industry has a relevant and fundamental role because it directly impacts the digital transformation of the economy at a national and global level. Due to the significant investments that must be made to install data centers, this sector has become an engine of the digital economy, which directly impacts the regions, providing work and well-being for communities. The USD8.5 million planned investment is based on the total number of players expected to come, the expected energy consumption capacity, and the infrastructure that must be invested for this. Nevertheless, once this investment comes in, we will be able to identify potential for further investments and income, deploy more connectivity, more fiber, more 5G, and software development for these applications, among others.

What do you foresee as the next stage of innovation for data centers?

MEXDC is focused on the promotion of the data center industry in the country through different areas that comprise it. It functions as the sole spokesperson for the industry, seeking to promote and guarantee the image and economic importance of data centers and the development and maximum potential of the data centers currently found in Mexico. In addition, we have plans on conducting analyses and studies that seek projections of technological innovation that will help industry development. There are numerous challenges that the industry still must work on to continue positioning the Mexican data center industry in the international context such as talent, sustainability, and energy and as an association will work along with governments, organizations, and different and important groups to leave all this investment in our country.

What are the challenges of sourcing new talent for data centers in Mexico?

Lack of personnel is a global problem, and the solution lies in education. Participating in courses, accreditations, and updates on all the technological advances is a constant process in this industry, as well as increasing knowledge through networking with colleagues in the sector and sharing experiences. In addition to promoting training for professionals in the data center industry, the country needs to create specific careers oriented toward data centers so that future engineers see the potential of working in this industry. It is vitally important to include subjects related to data centers, their operation and management in the career plan of each of these enrollments. MEXDC recently partnered with DC- D>Academy to launch a data center talent scholarship program, with the objective of attracting recently graduated engineers or final year students in the areas of industrial, electromechanical and manufacturing engineering.



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