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OMAN - Economy

Amor Al Matani

CEO, Oman LNG Development Foundation


Amor Al Matani completed a PhD in sustainability and sits on the boards of several universities and technical colleges. He is also chairman of the Hay Al Shurooq International School’s board of trustees. Dr. Amor’s dedication to sustainability and strong leadership led to his appointment as a board member of the Oman Center for Governance and Sustainability. This has enabled him to champion numerous sustainable programs across the country.

"Oman LNG has three mission statements, and they are the “guiding principles” of its operation."
Oman LNG Development Foundation continues to focus heavily on sustainability as part of its social investment portfolio, including the creation sustainability programs to promote economic, social, and environmental development.
What is the story behind Oman LNG Development Foun-dation, and how does it contribute to the social welfare of Oman?

Oman LNG has three mission statements, and they are the “guiding principles” of its operation. The primary mission is to produce and deliver LNG safely, reliably and profitably, the second mission is to develop our human resources; while the third is to contribute to the sustainability and the economic development of Oman. Those three missions address allocating the proper organization, processes, and competencies. Since its inception in 1994, Oman LNG has taken social responsibility seriously, dedicating 1.5% of its earnings after tax to social investment to serve the broader community. The company has supported many initiatives and social projects in various fields, such as healthcare, education, tourism, entrepreneurship, environment preservation and sustainability. The 1.5% mentioned above has, over the years, become sizable in light of the company’s operational excellence and commercial growth. Therefore, to enhance governance, we have created a comprehensive board with representations from the local communities, the public and private sectors, Oman LNG, and our shareholders. This is to ensure solid control and great social return on investment. It is part of an ecosystem with a clear social objective. Before my current position, I was the Deputy CEO of Oman LNG, and I have been overseeing the process since 2002 as a focal point within our host communities in Sur. Our objective is to become a good corporate citizen and to co-create value for the community that has hosted us for the past 22 years.

Where does sustainability fit within Oman LNG Development Foundation? What are some of your CSR projects that champion sustainability?

Sustainability tops our priority and has always been a focus covering three dimensions; society, economy, and environment. In all projects we deliver, we consider these three elements. Our projects focus on specific requirements to meet the public expectations, whereby we reach a consensus on the deliverables and their social benefits. For example, we may work on upgrading medical equipment that can reduce patient waiting time. Is there a saving to be made for the individual who commutes to access a service? Or else, we might focus on reducing the distance people need to travel to access social welfare services. The support for NGOs is also extensive and designed to enhance diversity and inclusion among the vast spectrum of society. For example, our support to the Oman Cancer Association is dedicated to cancer treatment. We offered a mobile unit that could reach the entire community of Oman to promote early diagnosis.
What are the focal points of Oman LNG Development Foundation’s Social Investment Programme?Recently, the objective of the company’s social in-vestment strategy was revised to better align with Oman Vision 2040, the International Sustainability Goals, and the United Nation’s Social Development Goals (SDG). Also, Oman is committed to addressing climate change and other parameters within the SDGs. Some of them might not relate to Oman overall as much as our industry; however, our projects address areas of relevance. Meanwhile, we prepare school-aged children for the technological revolution unfolding around us. We sponsor related events and competitions. We also support initiatives at the higher education level. For example, we recently participated in the Green Hydrogen Summit in Oman, where 10 university students presented their ideas in this new innovative energy field. We also inaugurated Oman’s first National Autism Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development. Another of our major projects with the public sector includes road safety education. Often, the strategy provides the roadmap for our initiatives. However, when ad hoc needs arise, we always rise to the challenge.



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