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EGYPT - Industry

Amr El Batrik

CEO, Orascom Industrial Parks


Amr El Batrik has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Orascom Industrial Parks since June 2018. As the CEO, he has been instrumental in driving the company’s strategic goals and ensuring its flexibility in response to the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. With his extensive experience across various business sectors and functions, El Batrik has gained a deep understanding of what is possible for the company, leading to a rapid transformation of its business and expansion. Prior to his appointment as CEO, El Batrik held several positions at Orascom Industrial Parks and Orascom Construction Concrete Products Division, where he provided strategic direction in various projects and positions. He holds an MBA in Accounting & Finance from GUC, a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering, and Diplomas in Construction Project Management and Real Estate Development from AUC. He has also completed the Executive Program at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

"Orascom Industrial Parks was established in 1998 and started developing our first complex from a simple desert land with no roads or infrastructure."
TBY talks to Amr El Batrik, CEO of Orascom Industrial Parks, about the history of the institution, eco-friendly industry, and Egypt’s location.
Could you provide an overview of Orascom Industrial Parks?

Orascom Industrial Parks was established in 1998 and started developing our first complex from a simple desert land with no roads or infrastructure. It was greenfield. We started by developing the basic infrastructure and bringing in FDI and local investors to the area in Sokhna. They constructed their factories either directly or with the help of our head company, Orascom Construction. In 2010, the industrial park reached a certain level of maturity in this area, and in 2014, we also launched our SME project called Plug and Play. We provide SMEs with a fully finished building where they are able to come in and immediately start working. In 2015, we joined the Suez Canal Economic zone being our governmental authority working with us, and in 2018, we cooperated with Siemens Training Center to establish a training center in the industrial park. Later in 2020, we also launched phase two of Plug and Play. As of 2022, Orascom Industrial Parks has 100-plus companies located in the park. We also launched a logistics and commercial service area and also partnered with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) on a sustainability project. We are currently heavily focused on sustainability and were selected as one of the pilot projects to convert our industrial park to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We then plan replicate this in our new greenfield industrial park in Abu Rawash City in Giza.

What does an eco-friendly industrial park imply?

The instant integration was one of the main reasons why Orascom Industrial Parks was selected as one of the pilot projects here. Being eco-friendly is not only about the environment but also focused on economic management. We help all entities and facilities in our industrial park to fully utilize and work in line with the surrounding environment while preventing further harm, especially in the aspects of energy efficiency as well as symbiotic integration. It is a win-win situation. UNIDO is working on a study that has identified 64 areas of interest in the park, including management, energy efficiency, security integration, human resources, job opportunities for the disabled, and more. We also have industrial and domestic waste management systems for our clients. Orascom Industrial Park has been operating since 1998, and our long history gives us greater credibility with our clients. There have not been any issues or challenges with the 100-plus projects in our industrial park. Everyone is able to operate without interruptions, which ensures greater stability.

What are the main advantages of being located in Egypt?

Egypt has an amazing location being located almost in the center of the world. It has the Suez Canal between two major seas, and its location between Africa, Asia, and Europe give Egypt a particular advantage. Similarly, Orascom Industrial Park is fortunate to be located in Sokhna right on the highway connecting Cairo to Sokhna with another connections to Suez city, and Port Said in the north and connected to Galala City, and Hurghada in the South. We are also 50km from the new administrative capital as well as right by Sokhna Port, managed by DP World. Furthermore, we are located in front of the new high-speed train that will connect Sokhna Port, to Alamein city on the Mediterranean passing through Cairo. The high-speed train will attract cruises and tourists and, at the same time, carry cargo more efficiently. We are central to six marine ports in the area, with three of them in Suez and the other three just 100km away. Our location therefore is extremely strategic within Egypt. We are also within the SCZone with special incentives. There is also no lack of workforce in the country as well as a massive consumer market. Egypt also has several cooperation agreements with different countries and organizations, including Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) as well as FTAs with Turkey and Europe. There are, therefore, several advantages to be being located in Orascom Industrial Park and Egypt.



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