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Juan Cevallos

President, Importadora Juan Cevallos

Ana Idrovo


Working to supply industry with products and excellent service, these companies have made a name for themselves for their quality and responsibility.

What makes MASGAS stand out from its competitors?

ANA IDROVO We are differentiated by our personalized service; we like to have a close relationship with our customers. We are a family-owned business, as are most of the gas stations. We understand the dynamics and local idiosyncrasy. Therefore, we provide quick solutions to any problem that may arise. We have also undergone a rebranding to focus on millennials. One thing that differentiates us from others is that our clients are repeat clients. We have also updated ourselves thoroughly. We do not want to create advertising campaigns that only seek to sell something; we want a campaign that makes people happier. Businesses are not only here to sell. There are other factors on which you can have an influence. For example, we have a student grant program for gas station workers. Education is the key to help a society to improve. We are highly focused on our responsibility to ensure that the country—and Latin America—continues to grow. 2020 was extremely complex for everyone due to the pandemic, though this is a fortunate sector. There were some essential services allowed to operate, with gas stations being one of them. We are essential to ensure mobility in the country.

How did Importadora Juan Cevallos begin importing oil products?

JUAN CEVALLOS I have always liked sales, and the company was born in a financial crisis. We suffered many challenges due to the instability of the currency at the time and started selling all kinds of products. As time went by, we decided to specialize. In 2006 or 2007, we met the company Ulma Group in Spain, and I started to bring in high-quality Spanish products. They were difficult to sell in Ecuador at that time, because at the time, the oil industry was focused on low prices and not quality. It took us a while to introduce these products, but we decided to invest in campaigns to popularize these products. Gradually, people in the oil fields began to assimilate our products. As time went on, we focused on products of the highest quality. We contacted companies in Argentina and started importing pipes from the Czech Republic and Belarus. That is how this path began, and we have been consolidating. It gives us peace of mind to know the products will not fail. This used to occur when we sold products that were not of sufficient quality, and we decided to change our focus and work only with the best products. We like to sell quality.

Where do you see room for growth in the market?

AI The gas stations of Petroecuador that are being sold used to belong to private companies. Some of those stations were part of our network. We would like to see the possibility of the former owners of those gas stations acquiring them. In our case, we are seeking to grow by the establishment of new MASGAS stations.

JC Ecuador wants to increase crude oil production by 8%. The value of crude oil has remained at around USD80, which is a good level. Now is the time for the government to invest in increasing production in the interest of the whole country. Crude oil is the country’s main income. It is important for us to collaborate so that production can increase. In 2022, we have invested to have all the pipelines and valves to implement them at the right time.

How do you want to position the company in the future?

AI We are an Ecuadorian company, and we started from scratch. Now, we want to position ourselves as any international firm. That means we will operate with international standards. We do not only want to have an image and the operation equivalent to that of a multinational company. We want to be a company that is committed to the country, provides jobs and training for our workers, and creates a better Ecuador, as well as a better world.

JC It is important to look at the long-term results, and we are working in line with government policies. We want to see what projects are presented for 2022, 2023, and 2024 and plan to be part of those processes. We want to know new markets and offer new products. There are many products in this oil and gas industry. I am fairly optimistic and believe in my country. We have always chosen to invest here. We are committed to the reactivation of the country. In 2022, we want the company to regain the number of workers it had before the economic crisis. We are optimistic about 2022 and beyond.



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