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Ana Maraa Gomez

COLOMBIA - Industry

Ana María Gomez

Country Manager, Vertisub Colombia


Ana María Gomez started her career as a business administrator at the National University of Colombia, ranked fifth in the admission tests, and worked in areas such as accounting, treasury, and human resources. In 2015, she moved to Bogotá and worked in the financial departments of two large companies, as well as studying finance at the University Externado of Colombia. In 2022, she was appointed Country Manager of Vertisub Colombia SAS, where she has been working for more than four years.

"Initially, we want to open in two countries for the maintenance and repair of wind farms."
Having achieved great success in 2022, Vertisub is looking expand its business to Mexico and Panama and focus on its new photovoltaics solar system department, while maintaining its sales figures.
To what do you attribute the success of 2022?

Two important events contributed to our successes in 2022. Vertisub has more than 30 years in the market and has earned clients’ trust with time. Second is teamwork. To sell what we sold in 2022, we needed each collaborator to do their best.

What are your plans for regional expansion?

Initially, we want to open in two countries for the maintenance and repair of wind farms. Our international client has always been Vestas, so Mexico has that requirement. The law requires us to have an office there, and that is what we are doing. In Panama, we can work on our new business line that we are launching in 2023, dealing with the design, building, and maintenance of photovoltaic solar systems. Those are the initial reasons we want to enter the two countries.

How does Vertisub distinguish itself from other companies in the market?

Vertisub offers 100% competitive, trustworthy, and reliable solutions. We are different from our competitors because we provide a 100% effective, reliable, and technological response. We use drones and helicopters, and provide training through software called IVI, a platform that can be used from anywhere in the world. We distinguish ourselves in the sector by being competitive in those three aspects. We always provide solutions to complex problems in risky environments. We become an ally for clients because they bring their problems to us, and Vertisub offers solutions for high-risk projects. Our largest clients include The Colombia Energy Company, which is a of Promigas entity. Almaviva, Corficolombiana, Isagen, ISA Intercolombia, Jaramillo Mora building company, and Amarilo are the other major ones.

What are the trends that will impact your sector in the short and long term in Colombia?

We have all the important ISO certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, 45001, and ISO 26000 certifications. Based on that, everything we do involves people, companies, and the surrounding environment. The environmental aspect is prominent. The government is looking at sustainability at all levels. That is the other reason Vertisub decided to create its new department and continue with the maintenance of wind farms. We associate this trend of labor and industrial safety to save people’s lives, which is what Vertisub does. We arrive and provide solutions for companies and workers, though the main objective is to protect people’s lives and general industrial and labor safety.

What is your message for our shareholders and investors regarding the opportunities in Colombia in your sector?

Colombia is particularly open to foreign investors. As an example, Vertisub was born in 2012 in Colombia, almost 11 years ago, and is a company still on the up, not just in sales but also in operating margin and EBITDA, which is what investors look for. Vertisub is a foreign investor that ended 2022 with a 47% operating margin and almost 30% EBITDA margin. This is a clear example that shows investors that Colombia is an active field to invest in, work, and plan. I did not see foreign companies going bankrupt in 2022, and it was believed to be a difficult year. On the contrary, companies performed well. Furthermore, when it comes to the exchange rate, it becomes even more profitable for foreign companies.

What are your priorities for 2023?

One of our priorities is the photovoltaics solar system department. Second, we want to continue growing our training on work at heights and confined spaces after we were approved for confined spaces in 2022. In 2023, our training group is full. Regarding work at heights, we want to continue with our lines of anchor points installations, lifelines, and industrial inspections. Furthermore, we plan to continue repairs and maintenance of wind farms. In terms of our sales figures, we expect to at the very least maintain them, if not grow by a minimum of 5%. In 2022, we reached exceeded our goal by 8%.



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