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André Coincenção

André Coincenção, Expro


André Coincenção holds a degree as an electro mechanic engineer from CIEP of Rio de Janeiro. He served in leadership positions for Schlumberger in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia before joining Expro in 2016.

Expro’s merger with Franks International enables the company to provide clients with a full spectrum of services as a one-stop shop.

Expro is a leading full cycle provider in Colombia. How was its merger with Franks International key for business development?

The most important point in this merger was the capability to provide more integrated services. Our services in testing and well construction were complemented because Franks specializes in a different technology. Today, we have the capacity to be in exploration, production, cement, and drilling services. This is extremely beneficial to clients because Expro can meet the entire spectrum of their needs as a one-stop shop. Today, we are able to have more clients and more opportunities. We can present Expro as providing integrated services.

Expro’s value proposition to the market is that it helps companies increase efficiencies and their profitability. How does Expro deliver on those two missions?

The most important factor is price. When you are able to provide all services, it is better for the client because they will see improvements in mobilization, demobilization, and random costs. This is the best solution for the clients. If a company requests a job, they know that they only have one service provider and therefore only have one mobilization and demobilization. They are saving money.

How do you provide novel solutions to the Colombian industry?

Since Expro is an international company that has operations in many countries, Colombia benefits, because Expro brings a great deal of cutting-edge technology and tools to the industry. Colombia is not an easy country when it comes to introducing new technology, as technology is expensive. There are many local companies here, and they are extremely price conscious. Clients also prefer to pay less. Companies like Expro and other international companies spend large sums of money on technology. With the market changing for the production of exploration, perhaps this will benefit both companies and the operator. For exploration, clients need more technology. In Colombia, there is a plan for unconventional wells, and to be in the unconventional well market, we need more technology. No company today can provide all technology for unconventional wells. We have extensive experience in terms of unconventional. For example, in Argentina and Brazil, we are working in this area. We also have a significant market in the US. In the future, depending on the elections and the president, this can be implemented here as well.

What is Expro’s approach to technology, and how can data optimize operations and reduce uncertainty?

For exploration wells, the information during drilling is the main driver for data collection to enhance decision making. Second, in offshore drilling you require cutting-edge technology to make decisions at the right time. Technology helps to improve the visibility of drilling and also the results that come with it. We can provide the client with excellent tools and reliable data.

How can Expro help companies reduce their emissions and improve their sustainability objectives?

The entire company is focusing on green energy. We have a special team that is looking to the future at how we can help clients reach sustainability objectives through new tools, technologies, and processes. Expro can play an important part in key processes; for example, the company is an expert in mercury removal processes. We discuss everything with our clients to better understand their expectations in this area.

Where would you like to see Expro in Colombia in the middle and long term?

When we prepared the budget in 2021, our focus was on abandonment and development; however, the merger changed our business focus completely, enabling us to offer drilling services as well. We are trying to drill more wells and extract more oil. Our merger with Franks was optimal and came at a great time. With the change in the market toward exploration, this technology replaces what we were doing. 



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