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André Conceiçío

COLOMBIA - Energy & Mining

André Conceiçío

Country Manager, Expro


André Conceiçío holds a degree as an electro-mechanical engineer from CIEP of Rí­o de Janeiro. He served in leadership positions for Schlumberger in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia before joining Expro in 2016.

By offering better options and a wider set of services to its clients, Expro is primed to become a leading full cycle service provider.

Which areas of business are driving growth in Colombia, and what opportunities are interesting for Expro?

For Colombia, offshore is still challenging. The permits to work take a long time to put into place. The pandemic also delayed certain projects. The country needs a plan for offshore, and I do not expect any offshore projects in 2021. Eopetrol have made some alliances with offshore operators. Expro is trying to help our clients to still increase their production despite these challenges. That is why we plan to bring in new technology with our recent merger. Our clients need to keep their wells flowing, and in more efficient and profitable ways. We are also looking for ahead as companies’ energy plans are changing. For example, Expro specializes in fast-track modular installations. That being said, it is not easy to bring in new technologies to Colombia. More than 60 percent of GDP comes from oil and gas. Our main issue with implementing new technology is the cost. Therefore, we need options with fair prices and good results where clients can increase production at low cost. Technology can be applied beyond production, and we are seeing new technologies in well testing, for example. These technologies are also benefiting operators to be more sustainable and reduce environmental impact. Expro globally has projects in mercury removal and CO2 emissions reduction. In Colombia, it is not easy to deploy some of these new technologies. Normally, new technology comes at a high cost. Once we have completed the merger process with Frank’s, we will be meeting with our main clients to present some of these new projects for CO2 emissions and gas and oil production. Our focus now is the energy transition process.

How does Expro want to fit within the future of the market, and what role does Expro want to have with the ecosystem?

Well, this is a good question because we are talking about fracking. This is a challenge in Colombia because communities have to approve these projects. The energy transition is for the future. What Colombia needs to look at now is how to increase production. Fracking is the next step, so the approval is an urgent requirement. Colombia Ecopetrol is developing a project in which we are involved. With it, and with fracking in general, many different technologies need to be implemented. To date, Ecopetrol is operating using just one contract, in which they do not have all the necessary equipment, nor the expertise for that level of operation. Their plan is to perform the first fracking project in order to see what they need in the future. They have already started the contract negotiation for the next four years. Their plan is to include all the necessary equipment and know how in those contracts. So, you can see all the components are focusing on fracking operations and projects. This is the plan of Ecopetrol as well as Expro. There is a lot of competition in Colombia for us. Today, Ecopetrol can find the technology in other main companies. That is why our plan is to have the better expertise and be more economic.

How is Expro contributing to the economic reactivation of Colombia?

By operating in Colombia, we are making more investments and creating opportunities for the people. We have many positions being created, so we are bringing on more staff. We are also helping with community issues. Since 2020, Expro has invested in Colombia, and our merger with Frank’s only increases this. We are looking to increase our portfolio through merging with Frank’s International. This process will conclude in September 2021. We are looking to become a leading full cycle service provider. We will offer better options and a wider set of services for our clients. We are bringing in more equipment and technology to the country, and the merger helps Expro to grow in this market, which also has a domino effect for the people.



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