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Andrés Bernal

COLOMBIA - Telecoms & IT

Andrés Bernal

CEO, Teleperformance Colombia


Andrés Bernal, the CEO Teleperformance Middle Americas Region (Colombia, Guyana, Nicaragua, and Perú), is an industrial engineer from Universidad de los Andes, with a specialization in finance from the same university and an MBA from Inalde Business School. With more than 24 years of experience in the technology and services sector, he has led multidisciplinary teams in Colombia and Latin America. Furthermore, he has extensive experience gained from wide variety of roles in which he has developed financial, commercial, strategy and market expansion experience.

With digitalization a growing trend all over the world, Teleperformance Colombia has been growing by 70% YoY on average.

Can you give an introduction to Teleperformance and the principles that guide business development for the company?

Teleperformance specializes in providing services and solutions to the customers of our clients. We have more than 40 years of experience and lead this segment at a global level. TP is the largest company in its sector in Colombia, because we managed to seize the growth opportunities that the pandemic brought. The world is becoming more digital, and that digitization is a key factor enabling our growth. We have been qualified as a best place to work on five different occasions in Colombia. In terms of revenue, we are growing by 70% YoY on average. Many of our clients have expressed through surveys that they will recommend working with us to other businesses. As a matter of fact, most of our clients have been with us after many years. We are heavily focused on digital transformation. Moreover, we have a business line focused on B2B and B2C sales, as well as technical support, which provides services to many international companies. It is in our interest to improve our customer experience services. One of the services that has grown significantly is trust and safety, which includes services for fraud prevention, for example. We became a reference in that segment of trust and safety and we are heavily focused on that sector. We want to have a single platform to attend to all our customers’ needs.

What is Teleperformance’s impact in terms of job creation, and what is your approach to talent attraction?

We offer our employees a great working environment. We offer them the best working climate that we can provide. We also offer opportunities for them to advance. We have many programs to enable our workers to progress within the company. Today, five of the vice presidents in the company in Colombia started in the company from the bottom. Among other training programs, we have a program tailor-made with Universidad de Los Andes that was developed by 100 business leaders. This program took nine months to complete, and some of the topics include soft skills. We provide job opportunities in more than 250 cities and municipalities. We have workers in places like Chigorodó, which was not possible years before as the area was heavily affected by the conflict that went on for decades in Colombia.

What are some of the industries that are the most important for Teleperformance’s growth strategy in Colombia?

New economy is critical in that strategy.  Within the new economy, we have a sub segment of focus such as e-commerce, fintech, and gaming. Industries like health will be influenced by strong transformation.  There will be a huge business opportunity in healthcare by that matter. As for technology, there are other opportunities in addition to new economy. We have put a strong focus on Asia and Europe. In those continents, we are eying a potential market. We export 85% of our revenues, and most of it come from the US. However, we are starting to expand into Asia and Europe. In Europe, we have six clients, and we signed contracts with two new clients in Asia. These new clients are opening up opportunities for a huge market. It is worth mentioning that in Colombia, there are excellent English-language skills. Colombian workers are extremely professional, talented, and committed, which is why our clients are pleased to accept our services. Nowadays, more businesses know about BPO. In the finance industry, for example, there are great opportunities to grow because we possess a large array of certifications and tools that strengthen our value proposition for that industry, specifically security wise. Meanwhile, digitalization is a global trend that will continue to advance. The pandemic has increased the need to be closer to our clients, so that brings more opportunities for us in the US.



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