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MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Angela Gómez Aiza

President, SAP


Angela Gómez Aiza has served as President of SAP Mexico since 2021. A large part of her professional career was developed in SAP, and she has been part of the company for more than 15 years directing different areas of the company, including vice president of services for Mexico and Central America. Most recently, she served as chief innovation officer of El Palacio de Hierro, and, prior to that, she was president for Latin America at Safilo Group. In 2022, Gómez Aiza was recognized with the 2022 EXATEC EGADE Award of Merit for her career as a graduate of the Tecnológico de Monterrey Business School.

"For SAP, Mexico is one of the pioneering markets in technological innovation, and we continue to reinvent the way we do business in different industries."

Providing a solution for every single type of business, SAP has had great results in Mexico in the last 30 years, with over 10,000 clients in 25 industries.

What role does Mexico play within the international strategy of SAP?

For SAP, Mexico is one of the pioneering markets in technological innovation, and we continue to reinvent the way we do business in different industries. Mexico was the first market with SAP operations in Latin America, and even when we still had no appointments here, we already had the first SAP client, which at the time was Hylsamex, now Ternium, almost 30 years ago. In 2022, we celebrated 28 years in the market in which we are driving innovation throughout the region. In addition, speaking of the short term, we have had several quarters of double-digit growth. To date, we have managed to capture over 10,000 clients and we serve 25 industries. In other words, these 10,000 clients are distributed across 25 industries, and 80% of them are SMEs, which in Mexico account for 90% of the economy. It might seem as though SAP caters solely to large companies, though the fact that 80% of the 10,000 clients based in Mexico are SMEs confirms that we really have a solution for every business type. In Mexico, we have 1,200 employees and two corporate offices in Monterrey and Mexico City. Additionally, we are a support center for several of our systems and clients globally. In Monterrey, we play an innovation and support role, which not only serves clients in Mexico, but also around the world.

How do you seek to sustain your consecutive quarters of growth?

The way we measure our success has to do with really being close to customers and understanding their needs. The pandemic may be countercyclical for some sectors, because there are companies that are holding back their investments, but when companies lack proximity to their clients and collaborators, they realize the need to invest in technology. SAP has been characterized for 50 years as the creator of ERP, or business management systems. In 2021, we launched a specific ERP offering in the cloud called Rise with SAP. This involved giving more companies access to ERP without the need to invest in infrastructure. We have signed an agreement with three private companies, AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, whereby the client hires us and ERP in the cloud, and need not worry about what is behind it. One significant type of growth concerns the investment priorities of businesspeople in Mexico. We can have many solutions, but we have to make sure that we give each company what it is looking for.

What are your main objectives for next year in Mexico?

There are several studies like that of the International Data Corporation (IDC) indicating that 95% of SMEs in Mexico lack the technology to automate processes or make decisions in real time. Second, there are sustainability issues; we are having numerous conversations with the CEOs of all types of companies from small to huge ones, on how technology will allow them to not only measure ESG-related indicators, but also optimize their business processes for investor compliance. In a study we conducted in Latin America, Mexico emerged as the country in which CEOs are more willing to invest in technology-related issues. Of all the companies we interviewed, 55% identified sustainability as a priority, and, of that number, 65% said they would invest in technology to enable sustainability issues. A third point has more to do with an objective, not only of SAP, but also a personal one, namely closing certain gaps. We have been focused in terms of women’s engagement in science and technology. As SAP Mexico, we are a company that already has a 40% ratio of women in leadership positions, well above of IT industry standards. However, we are not satisfied to merely remain an exemplar, and to support policies we make our clients aware of this commitment we have to closing gaps so that they may follow suit.



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