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Antonio Vaz, Director of AASMVAZ

PORTUGAL - Transport

Antonio Vaz

Director, AASMVAZ


Antonio Alberto Sotto Mayor Vaz has been in the aviation industry since 1967, when he joined Deutsche Lufthansa. He started as a Logistics Supervisor and Sales manager at Lufthansa Cargo, for the Lisbon region, and was certified by IMMT-Instituto de Mobilidade e Transportes, as Forwarding Agent Technical Director. He was later certified by the IATA – International Air Transport Association, as DGR professor, and by the ANAC-ASSOCIAÇÃO NACIONAL DA AVIAÇÃO CIVIL. From 2002 onwards he was Founder, Partner and Managing Director at AAASMVAZ, lda, representing Lufthansa Cargo for the Lisbon region, until 2013. Since 2014 he has been an IATA Forwarding Agent.

"AASMVAZ’s distinguishing feature is our ability to comfortably handle emergency requests from our clients."
TBY talks to Antonio Vaz, Director of AASMVAZ, about maritime cargo, supply chains, and the future of logistics.
What characterizes AASMVAZ’s service to international and national companies?

AASMVAZ’s distinguishing feature is our ability to comfortably handle emergency requests from our clients. To make this possible, our Company has built, over the course of its 20 years of existence, a dynamic and results-oriented team, placing a strong emphasis on the permanent upgrade of the professional capabilities of each individual. Simultaneously, we became a member of several worldwide logistic networks that share these same principles. All of these elements combined with 24/7 availability have allowed us to consistently deliver with the quality and rigor expected by our most demanding customers. To put it simply, our motto is: “Do you have a situation? we have the solution!”

How has the company’s membership in chambers of commerce been essential for recognition and business development?

AASMVAZ regards chambers of commerce as organizations that play a very important role in providing in-depth knowledge of the country or countries they cover. At our local level, it is important to mention the CCIP- Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Portuguesa and of the AIP-Associação Industrial Portuguesa and their contributions, especially in the field of training.

How are the maritime cargo services faring? What makes this service line important and attractive?

Sea transportation, for the majority of goods, will always be very difficult to replace given their enormous cargo capacity. In some routes circulate ships with a capacity of 25,000 TEUs (which put in a straight line would be equivalent to approximately 150 kilometers of length) and at a much lower cost. Therefore, from a market perspective, this mean of transportation could never be in danger. Furthermore, and similar to other means of transport, maritime transport has demonstrated a growing concern with environmental matters and has evolved accordingly. We consider that the future of this mean of transport will always be secured as long as there are the required geopolitical conditions.

Which industries and company types are driving business growth at AASMVAZ?

The automotive and aviation industries play a very important role in our business and the live animal segment (mainly, pets) is also important to mention.

How is AASMVAZ playing a part in alleviating supply chain difficulties, for example, in the automotive industry? How have you noticed that the challenges of forwarding companies are evolving?

AASMVAZ adds value to these industries by permanently providing the ability to organize charter flights, onboard couriers teams, and securing airline cargo capacity, thus ensuring that their production lines do not suffer from stock-outs which are highly costly. Such capabilities have been widely recognized by our customers. This makes us happy and, especially, grateful.

What does the boom in last-mile services and warehousing mean for AASMVAZ?

Currently, AASMVAZ is not positioned to offer warehousing and last-mile services. However, should the opportunity appear and we see it makes sense, we will always be ready to reconsider this and embrace new challenges.

How do you envision the future of logistics with the advent of new technologies like data, and what role will AASMVAZ have within that?

Throughout my professional life, I have had the good fortune and privilege to work for a company, Deutsche Lufthansa, where technological developments were always one step ahead of the rest of the industry and I was able to benefit and grow in that highly nourishing environment. Nevertheless, despite all the technological innovations, I am a firm believer that people will always be the most important factor. As such, our role in this market will always be assured since AASMVAZ is made up of excellent people, both from a human and professional perspective.



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