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Antonio Zaforteza

SPAIN - Tourism

Antonio Zaforteza

CEO, Port Adriano


Antonio Zaforteza has been CEO of Ocibar, a leading marina management company in Spain, for more than 15 years. Ocibar is focused on the planning, construction and management of large marinas, dry docks, and business and commercial areas in the ports it manages: Port Adriano (Mallorca), Port Tarraco (Tarragona), and Botafoc Ibiza and Marina Santa Eulalia (Ibiza). He is president of the Association of Nautical Sports Facilities of the Balearic Islands, a board member of the Spanish Association of Large Yachts, and the Spanish Federation of Marinas Associations. Zaforteza holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and an MBA from INSEAD.

With a full-service port offering high-end facilities and activities for guests, Port Adriano continues to develop its infrastructure in line with developments in the sector to stay ahead of the competition.

How has Port Adriano established a positive reputation among yacht owners coming to Mallorca?

Port Adriano was established in 2012 to service both large and small boats, ranging from 6m to almost 90m. Our reputation has a great deal has to do with the location and the infrastructure, as well as the team and the services provided to boats and users. There are many activities in the port like concerts and events all-year round. There is also a retreat facility and a fitness center. Port Adriano has an area for kids and capacity to provide nautical sports activities like paddle surfing and sailing. Port Adriano is like a small city; there are many activities happening here all the time. There are few places in the world where you can go from a place like Menorca to Mallorca or Ibiza within a hundred miles of each other. The close proximity of everything makes it highly attractive.

How did COVID-19 affect Port Adriano in terms of demand, and what changes have you seen?

COVID-19 accelerated the demand for yachts as a way of traveling in a more isolated fashion, and that had a positive impact on the demand for spaces at ports and marinas around the world. That trend was really felt in the Balearics when restrictions were progressively lifted. However, COVID-19 also had a negative impact on our business. Many of our services and businesses like restaurants really struggled. Now, the prospects for 2022 are positive. However, there are many things that have an impact on our industry, especially fuel and electricity prices.

How is Port Adriano working on the island’s advancement toward sustainability?

Port Adriano has a geothermal system that provides heat and air conditioning to the entire new commercial area. This system reduces our carbon footprint by 30% approximately. The port also has all the environmental certifications like ISO and EMAS. We are working to have a full plant that will generate energy from waves using a new system by an Israeli company. Preliminary studies have shown that up to 50% of our consumption can be produced by wave power. Also, Port Adriano is the base for silent yachts, which are most advanced solar powered and hybrid solar powered catamarans made by an Austrian company. In 2022, we will also have 5-6m electric charter boats manufactured in the Balearics.

How do you see the nautical industry in Mallorca moving forward?

We are a 365-day industry, and more than 60% of the revenue from the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands comes from nautical leisure tourism. Port Adriano is considering technology applications and ways to start and promote a rental or boat share. This is the way the industry will develop further. It is also about fully democratizing the industry. This not only has to do with environment and infrastructure but also the mindset of the new generation. By chartering or being more active in the way we manage our marinas and our space, we will likely continue to see more growth. The Balearic Islands need to make a move in improving the infrastructure for refit facilities, because there are other areas of the world that have made big investments. The Balearics have a unique opportunity to have one of the strongest sectors of refit and repair the world.

What has the expansion of the company been like?

We started with Port Adriano, and we quickly moved to Ibiza. Adriano was a big investment for us, made during the downturn in 2008, and, since then, we have been looking at opportunities to grow. We acquired Port Tarraco in Tarragona two years ago because we felt we could add value. The ownership structure and management there was a good fit. It is a different marina for extremely large yachts plus offices. We also recently acquired 50% of Marina Santa Eulàlia in Ibiza.



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