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KUWAIT - Finance

Anwar Al Sabej

CEO, Warba Insurance


Anwar Al-Sabej is a strategic result-oriented business executive with more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the insurance field. His successful career with Warba goes back to 1999. He has held several positions and was appointed CEO for Warba Insurance & Reinsurance Company in 2013.

"We pride ourselves on our customer service, which originates with our Kuwaiti culture and values."
TBY talks to Anwar Al Sabej, CEO of Warba Insurance, about the Kuwaiti market.
Warba’s history goes back over 46 years. What makes the company so consistent and successful on the Kuwaiti market?

We pride ourselves on our customer service, which originates with our Kuwaiti culture and values. Our transparency is another foundation where it is evident by our main assets, our employees, which drive our company’s success.

What does Warba Insurance offer for the expat population in terms of insurance and retirement plans?

As a composite insurance company, Warba provides various insurance solutions to the expat community starting from householders, travel, motor, savings, and local and international health insurance policies. These plans can be still maintained while the expat returns back to their home country.

How can Kuwait make the economy more open to foreigners?

To attract any foreign investment, the investor requires clear regulations that can protect their rights and give them control of their investments. Once the foreigners have control in their investment, they will be encouraged to reinvest their savings thereafter will encourage more growth into Kuwait’s GDP.

What are your priorities and expectations for the upcoming year?

We expect to see double-digit growth. We aim to see more digital transformation and are developing processes to enhance that digital experience. We are working with our international partners and establishing new ones in order to create more synergies to enhance our products and services.



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