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Having maintained top-notch quality during Kuwait's infrastructure boom, architecture firms continue to play a vital role in the transformation of Kuwait and the wider MENA region.

Tarek Shuaib

CEO, PACE Architecture Engineering + Planning

Since its inception 50 years ago, Pace has played an integral part in Kuwait’s historical transformation by providing the best architecture and infrastructure development. We have also established ourselves as an educational institution for promising architects and engineers. We continue to deliver projects within the region in sectors such as retail, healthcare, and megainfrastructure projects. We have delivered over 1,250 successful projects including Avenues Phase IV, Riyadh Metro, and Kuwait University Administration Facilities. Pace offers cohesion by having its full team under one roof for any given project, creating a steady workflow that can solve problems quickly and effectively. Adopting this business model also allowed Pace to tap early into advanced new technologies and construction methodologies in the region, offering new opportunities for innovation and quality for clients who benefited from improved project efficiencies, reduced environmental impact, and savings in operational and management costs. As a design-led firm, we are keen to invest in our capabilities across a broad range of disciplines and expand our project portfolio accordingly. Into 2019, we will embark on two key programs: the ‘Pace Digital Design and Delivery Process’ and ‘Talent Management’ project, aimed at futureproofing the quality of our work and investment in our people.

Mona Ali Al-Baghli

Managing Director, Hamed Zubaid & Mona AlBaghli Architects (HZMB)

The key for being a distinguished firm is the collaboration between the two partners: Hamed Zubaid and myself. Our collaboration truly understands Kuwaiti lifestyle and culture, and the balance between male and female perspectives also perfects the equation. HZMB creates solutions that undergo stages of development and discussions between the partners. This healthy dynamic as well as hours of hard work, repetition, and perseverance ensure the uniqueness and success of our every project. Our regional expansion was achieved through personal relations and marketing activity. The introduction of a new architecture language to the Kuwaiti market is the reason why HZMB’s projects stand out. We believe that when more of our projects are completed, our presence abroad will become stronger. For us, every project starts with setting a compatible space program to the budget and land which is the seed to a healthy design. We then reshape and reconstruct the given space program and put forth innovative multi-use and efficient solutions that our clients have never thought of. These solutions always solve the function first and then address esthetics. The final product shapes our clients’ lives in the years to come.

Khalil Alonaizi

Resident Director, Khalil Alonaizi

Many factors allow SSH to distinguish itself among its Kuwait-based competitors. First, a long history in Kuwait has provided a strong base for SSH to flourish and grow and has played a major role in building its networks and enabling it to understand the local market. Second, SSH is a multidisciplinary company able to provide cohesive and comprehensive services beyond master planning, such as architecture, interior design, engineering, infrastructure, and construction supervision. In addition, SSH regularly and actively renews and rejuvenates its approach by valuing teamwork, upholding integrity with its clients, and keeping up with market evolution. What renders SSH as a competitive and ideal partner for master planning complex and challenging projects is its longevity within the country, its close work and collaboration with the Kuwaiti Municipality, and its established relationship with the public sector. We have many offices across the GCC and wider MENA region, where we can call on our extensive master planning expertise. We plan to continue our long journey of success for the year ahead through improving the quality of revenue, continuing our steady growth, and widening our client base regionally through establishing a strong presence in Saudi Arabia and continuing to achieve our clients’ objectives.



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