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Lia P. Hernández Pérez

PANAMA - Telecoms & IT

Areas of Expertise

Country Lawyer, Fórum Jurí­dico Abogados (FJA),


Lia P. Hernández Pérez is lawyer by profession. She is a Member of the Bar Association in Panama and Spain. She has focused her career on commercial and new technologies law. She studied in Panama, Italy, and Spain. She is currently a PhD candidate at University Carlos III of Madrid. She is the Country Lawyer of Forum Jurí­dico Abogados, the only Spanish law firm based in Panama City, and the Executive Directress and Co-Founder of IPANDETEC, a digital rights organization working on advocacy in Central America. She has authored several articles and has been a speaker at conferences around the world.

TBY talks to Lia P. Hernández Pérez, Country Lawyer of Fórum Jurí­dico Abogados (FJA), on its competitive advantages, the local business environment, and areas of opportunities.

FJA is based in Madrid with an office in Panama. Why did it decide to open a branch in Panama?

The evolution of FJA paralleled the needs of its clients in Europe, Latin America, and other geographical areas. Specifically, our linkage to the aeronautical sector greatly favored this international mobility. Our decision to permanently establish ourselves in Panama is linked to the need to centralize operations and businesses of our clients throughout the area in a location that provides adequate legal security and stability. Panama is the right place, where the two Americas connect, as an international financial center, a logistic hub, and soon as the digital hub for the Americas.

In what fields does FJA have a competitive advantage over other law firms in Panama?

We have extensive experience and capacity in diverse sectors, such as real estate, construction, hotel sector, tourism, and air navigation. We also have a special position in the field of new technologies, increasingly important in international transactions.

What should foreign companies be aware of before entering Panama?

Panama provides businesses with a safe environment that is familiar with economic activity, with increasing development in recent years. To enter a market, despite these indisputable advantages, it is necessary to have adequate legal advice through professionals who know both the legislation and the practice of business in the country, as well as its international connection. Our firm facilitates these services as well as a powerful network of international contacts and collaborators in different countries.

What is your outlook for the year ahead?

Despite the different threats or global risks that surround the global economy, economic activity is currently moving in a positive direction, and we see growing opportunities related to traditional sectors, especially in the area of new technologies. These are both a tool that facilitates business, economic transactions, and the flow of information, and an economic sector that must be addressed and whose evolution is unstoppable.



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