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Arturo De La Rosa

MEXICO - Finance

Arturo De La Rosa

VP Banking LATAM, Diebold Nixdorf


Arturo serves as the Vice President and General Manager for Spanish Speaking Latin America Region.  He is responsible for leading the sales and client management organizations on this region.  He was previously the Vice President and Country Manager for Mexico and he has been working at DN for the last six years. He has more than 25 years of experience working at Information Technology and Services organizations across the region. Prior to DN, he was a Regional Sales Director at SAS Institute, Global Account Director at Oracle and Services and outsourcing Sales Director at IBM. A native of Mexico City, he studied Business Administration at Universidad Del Valle de Mexico and he earned some advanced executive certificates from UNAM and Ipade. He lives in Mexico City, with his wife and two young sons.

What role does Mexico play for the company globally? Within the company, Mexico is one of the largest markets for the firm. We have according to RBR report 2021 a 63% […]

What role does Mexico play for the company globally? 
Within the company, Mexico is one of the largest markets for the firm. We have according to RBR report 2021 a 63% of market share, with our local workforce of around 4,000, we have a presence in over 95% of the financial institutions in Mexico.

In what ways do you incorporate innovation into your operations?

We are a business that constantly innovates. Many of our workers have experience in the banking industry and technology. We have a good mix through the combination of banking and technology. Innovation is key, and also the service. Meanwhile, we also seek to outpace our clients to anticipate their needs before they register them. We have realized numerous investments such as our Logistics Center Esmeralda in order to turn Mexico into a Hub for our entire Latin American operations.

How have the changes in consumer behavior affected your business? And how have the changes in the banking industry impacted your operations?

The main impact that we have faced is that bank clients no longer go to the bank’s branches, and the banks have started to pursue certain innovative options in response to this. ATM machines remain useful, we have helped to develop different services around the ATM machine, where by customer experience has improved to more comprehensive solutions.
You provide many solutions to the banking sector. Which of these is in greatest demand in Mexico?
Clearly, once again, the ATM machine, which remains our flagship product. Everything that’s behind the ATM machine is part of our platform, which gives the machine considerable added value. Thanks to our extensive portfolio, allows to make a digital payment, or even manage a service. This is the kind of experience that we bring to the end customer.
What have been the company’s main achievements this year?
By the middle of the year, it had turned out to be a particularly interesting year for us, as our productivity metrics posted more than double-digit growth. As a result of the pandemic, we implemented new remote work policies that were successful. This strategy allowed us to increase the sense of belonging within the company without affecting the day-to-day operation. After the impact of the pandemic, we increased the number of new employees and avoided massive layoffs both in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. We have learned to work on customized solutions for our market, which represents added value for the client. 
What is the main added value you offer in the market?
I think that service is paramount. Our devices require a very high level of availability.  We are also working on digital solutions, including payment areas. We know that the era of cash will end at some point. In Mexico and Central America, it could take more time, but the time will surely come. Based on that, we are working on what’s to come over the next five or ten years so that we can respond when customers are ready to implement the changes. 
What are your main goals for 2022?
As the main objective, we want to continue reinforcing inclusion at all levels of the company as up to now. Meanwhile, financially, we are working hard to exceed our targets and finally, we want to consolidate our Esmeralda Logistics Center as a Hub for the rest of Latin America, which will allow us to continue expanding our market.
Why did you choose Mexico for this project? 
As a company, we are confident in the ability of the Mexican economy to be an important market. This Logistics Center gives us all the capabilities to grow and we have an industry around us that helps us make our solutions better every day; for us, this country has been a very good market.
In terms of software, in addition to ATM machines what areas have you focused on?
We have a series of solutions included in our Vynamic portfolio that helps develop customized solutions. In Querétaro, we have a Global Development Center that has a talented team of developers, who mainly serve the Latin American region.

Why are you expecting a growth in demand for ATM machines in Latin America?

The predictions are that cash will remain for at least the next decade. Our solutions, in addition to offering this availability, have evolved users to carry out a series of operations and more integrated operations that banking and its customers demand.



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