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Jacques Souplet

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Managing Director, Total Liban and Total Group


Jacques Souplet joined Total group in 1993 after obtaining a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration in Paris in 1988 and gaining five years of experience in a family business. He was appointed Managing Director of Total Liban in November 2009, following four years in the UAE as head of Total Marketing Middle East in Dubai and other various positions within the Group in Paris and Asia. He is the Representative of the Total group in Lebanon, a French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCEF), and a member of the Board of the Movement of French Enterprises and Economic Representation in Lebanon (MEREF).

What have been the main ways Total has positioned itself for the impending offshore exploration in Lebanon? Total has been present in Lebanon for 63 years now and has built […]

What have been the main ways Total has positioned itself for the impending offshore exploration in Lebanon?

Total has been present in Lebanon for 63 years now and has built a strong marketing base in the country. Despite the unstable situation and all the difficulties faced during the 15-year civil war, our company decided to stay and continue its mission in the country by maintaining its activities and local workforce, making us the only major international company aiming at building a long-term relationship within the land of the cedars. In the past, most of our international competitors decided to leave the country because of the situation. However, our presence, extending for more than half a century, reveals our commitment, as one of the world’s largest oil groups, to this country. Total is one of the 12 companies that have been prequalified as an operator for the first offshore exploration round. In line with our long presence and commitment to Lebanon, Total is willing to help the country with its worldwide deep offshore experience.

How do you set the standards in the market?

As far as marketing and distribution are concerned, we have no choice; we have an international standard that we need to follow and it applies to Lebanon just as it would in any other country. As far as the environment is concerned, we implement extremely high standards when we set up a service station. Our service stations are equipped with spill collectors on the forecourt and at the level of oil change and car wash facilities, designed for collecting hydrocarbons, spilled water, and oil in order to ensure a proper disposal system. It is a costly investment and invisible when you visit the service stations, but it is there and a factor that differentiates us. Moreover, when it comes to energy savings, we try to reduce the consumption of electricity at our service stations, which are equipped with LED lighting that reduces energy consumption by up to 80%. We position ourselves as an energy company. Total is also a global gas and petrochemical operator. Today, in response to soaring energy demand, Total is stepping up its expansion into solar and biomass. Going forward, the group’s mission is to enable as many people as possible to access energy. To do that, Total is counting first on oil and gas and activities in renewable energies. That is why, some years ago, we acquired 60% of SunPower, one of the largest solar panel company in the US and the world’s most efficient solar panel technology.

How are you diversifying your goods and services?

It is all related to consumer satisfaction and what the consumer expects from our stations. We offer additional services to fuel at our service stations. We aim at applying the one-stop shop concept. Total offers its customers a wide range of products and services. Thus, when the customer visits the service station, we provide attractive promotions in our Bonjour stores, and even the option to play the Lottery. In addition to being enjoyable, our service stations are also efficient since they are equipped with automatic car wash and oil change facilities, ATM services, money transfer, and mobile phones and internet recharge cards. Now, all over the world, Total displays its new visual identity within its network of service stations to ensure its customers comfort and safety by providing quality service and an unmatched range of products and services. As a leader in the market, we have to provide what we feel is best to the customer.



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