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Juan Carlos Hincapié

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CEO Colombia-Guyana-Perú, Teleperformance


Juan Carlos Hincapié studied industrial engineering and marketing at the Universidad de los Andes. He worked with IBM for over 15 years, where he held several leadership positions including sales manager for Chile and GTS country manager for Colombia.

The future belongs to whoever can provide the rapidly growing global middle classes with the services they desire.

What is the extent of Teleperformance’s operations in Colombia and the reasons behind its remarkable growth in the last few years?
Teleperformance focuses on handling all of a company’s interactions. Our mantra is “every interaction matters,” regardless of whether it is a digital, online chat, or face-to-face interaction. Our focus is on the experience of our clients, who are the customers of the biggest brands in the world. The reason Teleperformance has been a success story and continues to grow is that in our industry, Colombia has a great balance of young people and a high literacy rate. We can offer that talent to the world. This is why we have had excellent results. Our young talent really wants to help these brands offer amazing things to the world, and our customers notice this.

Can you elaborate on Teleperformance’s commitment to the growth and development of human capital in Colombia?
We will close 2018 with 16,000 families that we have to take care of. Different segments of our business require different employee profiles and requirements. For example, the finance sector is heavily regulated, and we have to be compliant with numerous regulations and undergo many audits. Finance requires a specific employee profile along with specific training so that the staff understands its responsibilities. We also have to demonstrate that we comply with global financial regulations. When one works for businesses as diverse as airlines, medical providers, IT companies, and global telco brands, it has to engage with different cultures, similar to companies in the same industry but from different countries. Employees have to develop the soft skills to understand, for example, how people from different cultures behave and express their feelings, and the requirements vary from industry to industry. Employees need detailed knowledge and technical language skills, along with a caring approach when dealing with medical inquiries. They need a different set of skills as compared to providing a customer with a code to fix their computer.

What is the importance of Colombia in Teleperformance’s portfolio in both a regional and global context?
Teleperformance Colombia is in the top five companies for the group; however, there are various company profiles within the group. For example, certain Teleperformance companies operate in countries that are so large that their market has a role by itself. Other Teleperformance companies like us are based on exports. We are the export hub for our region, and there are other hubs around the world for other regions.

What expansion plans does Teleperformance have for Colombia?
We will open in another city in Colombia. For almost a year, we have been analyzing everything, including location, population, connectivity, suppliers, legislation, and tax. The beauty of Colombia is that it has many mid-sized cities, and there are many locations to choose from.

What role does technology and innovation play in Teleperformance’s approach to serving its clients?
As with every industry, digitalization is ongoing both for our clients and Teleperformance. It is a survival requirement, and we have been working to understand the context, and, therefore, the capabilities we need to develop for the future. Now, we have many analytics and RPAs, and today we are both a customer service and a technology company. There are many contexts now where if one does not have the technological skills and an understanding of how to develop its strategy in that market, its business will not prevail over time. We are doing a great deal on this, for example with social media, which is important to the big brands of the world. Today, they also have to be compliant with numerous regulations and take a great deal of responsibility for developments in the digital world. This is a big opportunity for us. I see the world and the company changing, though it is also a major opportunity for the market to continue developing. There is a growing middle class globally that demands services, and just putting Colombia on the global technology map will give us work for the rest of our lives.



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