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KUWAIT - Telecoms & IT

Athbi Alenezi

CEO & Co-Founder, justclean


Athbi Al-Enezi is the CEO & Co-Founder of justclean. Prior to founding justclean, he was a HR officer for NBK in Kuwait at the head office. He graduated from Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology in the UK.

"We have become 100 times better in the technology that we use in-house."
Finding a niche in the market for cleaning services, justclean has made a name for itself based on service, convenience, shorter delivery times, and expanded service offerings.
justclean has grown exponentially over the past few years. Are there any plans to expand into new markets?

We always look forward to expanding to generate more revenue. Over the past few years, we significantly expanded in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates. We also expanded in the business verticals that we offer. Initially, we focused on laundry. To make things more organized, we realized the need to invest in logistics that can offer more capacity for the laundries and building an SAS system, a management system that enables the laundry managers to read the day-to-day data and thereby enhance their business and make proper decisions, while giving us a clear vision of the market. Then, we moved into another vertical of home cleaning. Users can book an hour or two for someone to come and clean their homes, do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, and leave. These services are in high demand at the moment because people are working from home more. We recently added a car washing service as well. From the beginning, we called ourselves justclean, not just laundry, because the vision was to become the super app for cleaning. We took our time to sort out the laundry and then expanded into many new verticals. Country-wise, our biggest focus in 2022 is Saudi Arabia. We started there two months before the pandemic, but then we had to put the operation on hold. We launched this year in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Riyadh, and Jeddah. Now, we are focused on expanding into smaller cities, such as Alahsaa, Al Jubail, and others. We are looking at the Egyptian market, as Egypt has been receiving high investments over the past two years. There are a few massive new areas in Cairo that demand such services.

What makes justclean so successful and unique?

The cleaning industry has received many investments in the region. We have received USD30 million to date. There is yet to be a major acquisition or a merger in the cleaning sector. It has to take place at some point for this industry to raise its level of attractiveness. Big exits have already been seen in the taxi and fintech sector, but the cleaning sector has yet to see notable exits or IPOs. Until that happens, we must keep fighting to prove that this is a healthy market. The best way to be competitive is to offer the best possible service. We have been leading in the region, through understanding what the customer wants and the industry. A shorter pickup or delivery time makes a difference among the competition. It is all about the little things. We also came up with solutions to give more to our clients and make them feel confident about our service. One example is the compensation policy on damaged or misplaced clothes. We give the money back within 24 hours if such incident occurs. With these things in place, we can see our retention rates steadily rising.

What digital developments have occurred for justclean?

We have become 100 times better in the technology that we use in-house. Initially, the focus was placed on services and customer experience, but after these were taken care of and established, we turned more toward efficiency and problem-solving. The back end is developed much more than is visible on the front end. On the front end, we have added payment options, where users can now buy KWD20 or a KWD5 free voucher and use it on any laundry. It adds value to the customer and provides the edge to our service. As our services range grows, we learn to adapt and implement changes more actively. We are no longer looking at how others operate but focus on being the leaders by being the innovators ourselves. In fact, we have spent substantial resources on developing our products and technology over the past few years.



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