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In an increasingly competitive market, auto brands are focusing on providing the right experience for their customers and ensuring their operations are sustainable every step of the way.

Pablo Herrera

CEO Mexico, Maserati

The changes had been worked on for a couple of years now and were not necessarily implemented due to the pandemic. Since we are living in a digital era, the focus we give now is for digital experience to our customers regarding our brand, to get to know more about the product, configurations, models. This pandemic has changed the market hugely. People who are consuming via the internet can now research more, check on reviews, and then decide when and how to buy. We compete directly with many varieties of automobiles. In terms of positioning, we are leaders in luxury, exclusivity, and availability in the three most important cities of the country, with expansion plans. We have two new showrooms are on the radar, yet to be defined as the best place to be. In 2022, we will launch the new SUV, a medium one, which opens up for us a large new market. It has been launched in the US, and it comes with a lot of technology in it. We will launch this in 1Q2022, so looking for a new market that fits this car also makes sense.

Miguel Barbeyto

President, Mazda Motor

For Mazda in Mexico, customer centricity comes first. We are implementing and launching programs, tactics, and strategies for the service shops in order to continue generating profit there to drum up some revenue for dealers. Of course this also serves to offer the customer better plans that attract them to the dealerships. We launched the brand in 2005, and since then we have been growing in the marketplace. Since then, we have been moving up and gaining positions from a retail sales perspective. The products that we have in the marketplace are more concentrated in SUVs, such as the CX-3, C-X30, CX-5, and CX-9, which these days represent 54% of total sales. The three things that are helping us to step up from a retail sales position in the marketplace are having a really strong brand in the marketplace with solid values and a solid reputation; great products, good design, and solid driving dynamics that customers in Mexico love; and the people that work at Mazda Mexico, at the Salamanca plant, and at the corporate office, as well as those at the dealerships giving us the best teams in Mexico.

Thalí­a Castro

Marketing & Public Relations Director, Thalí­a Castro

The Mercedes hub in Latin America was formerly in Brazil, but subsequently relocated to Mexico in 2021 because of the considerable available talent in Mexico that can boost the potential of Latin America as a whole. We have achieved much on a global scale, but can do even more. I have worked for Mercedes-Benz for 12 years, and something I like about the company is its constant evolution. Meanwhile, e-commerce has increased hugely due to the pandemic and is something we are building on for our consumers. A few years back, the consumer got information at the dealership, but nowadays they arrive already informed and prepared. Our clients, and specially our luxury clients, expect to be able to buy digitally with only a few clicks, and find all the information they need in one website. Personally, the main need today, on a global scale, is sustainability. For Mercedes-Benz, this is the core of our strategies for the coming years. We can achieve this by leading Mexico and all other Latin America’s countries toward a more sustainable future. Our main goal is to demonstrate in Mexico the true nature of sustainability

Raúl Peñafiel

CEO Mexico, Jaguar Land Rover

Mexico is our main reference point for growth in the region. We are the most recent addition to Jaguar Land Rover’s list of global markets, and it is evident that the market is extremely stable. This facilitates competition in a number of areas, including pricing, product, and service offerings. We are transitioning from a market in which the vehicle is no longer as important as the image you hope to convey with the said vehicle. We are working to create more experiences to better distinguish certain brands from others, so that they and the products we market satisfy the needs of our potential customers. For example, our Defender vehicle is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle who enjoys spending time out in nature with their family. Such platforms enable us to reach niche customers, the kind who take as much pride in actually driving their Land Rovers as they do using it as a means of family transport. It is crucial for luxury brands to be able to continue to generate this sense of excitement and anticipate customer needs, while reducing their impact on the environment. The luxury sector must now work harder to set itself apart.



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