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KUWAIT - Telecoms & IT

Ayoob Kalathingal

Director, Emstell Technology Consulting Company


Ayoob Kalathingal, a Certified Project Management Professional, is the Founder & CEO of Emstell Technology Consulting, a pioneer organization in IT consulting and services operating in the UK, Kuwait, Canada, and India. He has worked with over 80 companies, SMEs, and start-ups to implement software, web, and app solutions in the Middle East. Prior to Founding Emstell, Kalathingal worked with global IT firms like Infosys and Cognizant and was involved in large e-commerce and ERP implementations for organizations in Europe and North America.

"Since entering the market about 11 years ago, we have been mostly working with SMEs, as well as large banks and enterprises whose main area of focus is to support start-ups."
TBY talks to Ayoob Kalathingal, Director of Emstell Technology Consulting Company, about SMEs and evaluating technology.
Considering the characteristics of the Kuwaiti market, what are the main areas of activity for Emstell in the country?

Since entering the market about 11 years ago, we have been mostly working with SMEs, as well as large banks and enterprises whose main area of focus is to support start-ups. Most of the SMEs are within the service delivery sector, e-commerce, delivery, and logistics segments. We aim to work primarily with SMEs and help them develop their systems and grow through the second stage of their development. We also have some projects that we have been developing for years now. Currently, we have at least 12 of our projects, which were started with clients a while ago and we are their main point of contact to develop and grow their businesses. Our expertise lies in providing start-ups with the complete technology guidance. We are able to help them find the right solution from a technological perspective and make it work. And depending on where they are at the moment, we guide them accordingly.

What is your strategy to increase your market share in Kuwait?

Our strength lies in transparency and openness about the process. We want to make sure our clients get the best service possible. Most of the time, the evaluation of finding a right partner in terms of solutions and technologies are not well addressed at the beginning. Companies choose with whom to work based on the blueprints and ideas, but not much actual data. We always tell our clients that everything that is done should be documented. Second, they should not evaluate their partners based on the budget perspective but rather the added value and technological perspective. They end up eventually wasting their time and idea. Our advice and strategy are to evaluate the technology first and see what others are doing. We want our clients to minimize their losses, because they made the right choice from the beginning. In our view, it is best for an individual or a company to take it slow at first, prepare for the launch better, focus on the strengths, and then start in the market. That is our recipe for success and that is what makes Emstell prominent in the sector. In the long run, this attitude will help us grow our market share in Kuwait.



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