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PORTUGAL - Real Estate & Construction

Ayres Neto

Managing Partner, The Agency


Ayres Neto is the Managing Partner of The Agency Portugal. Specializing in the Portugal luxury real estate market, Neto leads a talented and diverse team of agents to provide his clients with comprehensive information and guidance for a seamless and rewarding experience. Having visited 40 countries, he is equipped with a multicultural and interpersonal approach that endears him to people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Neto leverages his extensive know-how to guide and offer his clients valuable market insights to help them make well-informed decisions. His knack for results and pursuit of excellence has seen him win multiple awards in the industry, and he is renowned by his peers and industry players alike. He excels in providing a tailored approach and high-quality service to each of his clients to establish lifelong relationships.

"Real estate is a collaborative industry in which one must proactively seek partners beyond national borders."

Ayres Neto, Managing Partner at The Agency, talks to TBY about helping homebuyers and sellers navigate the complex Portuguese market.

What is The Agency’s specialty, how do you assist buyers interested in Portuguese real estate?

The Agency is a real estate company run by experienced agents who prioritize the client’s needs. We offer white-glove services throughout the entire real estate investment process. Our personalized advice on real estate investment includes educating clients on Portugal’s legal and financial processes as well as sharing our knowledge on available properties. We take the time to interview our buyers to fully understand their needs and expectations, whether they are investing, buying for personal use, or for a family member. From the initial interview to the final purchase and beyond, we guide our clients through the entire process. If additional services are required, we can refer our clients to qualified professionals such as interior decorators or contractors. We provide all the advice and assistance that buyers will need in Portugal.

What are the needs and priorities of The Agency’s target market?

We focus on properties that are excellent options for expats and provide a holistic approach to the sales process. Our primary focus is on the luxury real estate segment, which typically attracts international buyers from various countries. To meet the needs of our diverse clientele, we have a multicultural team that can provide tailor-made assistance in their native language and understand their cultural backgrounds. Clients want to relocate homes with an adviser that understands their lifestyle and business practices.

What makes Portugal an interesting jurisdiction for real estate investment?

Portugal offers a wide array of factors that make it an attractive destination. Its amazing weather and geography make it a desirable location. Furthermore, Portugal ranks seventh in the world for English proficiency, making it the ideal destination for expats. The country also boasts excellent infrastructure, schools, and healthcare systems. Foreign buyers are also drawn to Portugal for its security and safety. Finally, Portugal competes with other popular destinations such as Spain, Italy, France, and Greece in the global market for “snowbirds,” namely people who migrate from north to south for the winter season.

What aspects of the regulatory framework support the investment rationale?

One advantage of investing in Portugal is the five-year warranty offered on purchases, which is appealing to foreign investors purchasing refurbished assets. This warranty provides assurance and peace of mind to foreign buyers. In parallel, Portugal has high construction standards, especially for new developments that comply with European regulations, making it safe to invest in large assets. The financial process is also safe and transparent, and The Agency’s local connections allow us to identify the best assets for our clients.

What has been the market response to The Agency?

We had high expectations, though we surpassed them by a significant margin. We have more agents, listings, and sales than we initially projected. In a highly competitive real estate market, The Agency stands out because we are proactive and do not wait for client to approach us. We expand and network to reach clients no matter where they are. Our clients expect exceptional service, and we deliver by establishing a triangular relationship between the client, consultants, and marketing teams. As experts, we provide clients with valuable advice on real estate, healthcare, education, safety, and legal aspects, which are all essential when considering a move to a foreign country. The Agency prioritizes building relationships with its clients, which is the foundation of our business.

What is the importance of experience in the field of real estate advisory?

Real estate is a collaborative industry in which one must proactively seek partners beyond national borders. Since its inception in the US, The Agency has prioritized this approach. Clients can count on American standards of quality regardless of their location. As a client-oriented company, we bring our experience and know-how of our American roots to Portugal and ensure that clients receive the level of care they expect. Whether they are investors, new residents, or commercial investors, we provide the same level of service.



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