The Business Year

Alberto Campos

Senior Energy Manager, Edison Energy LLC

Malvin Delgado

Director, Sales & Client Management, Picarro

With various renewable energy regulations, technologies, systems, and participants in the market, these advisories help companies and entities make the right choice and reach their individual objectives.
How does the company provide database solutions, and why is this an added value?

ALBERTO CAMPOS Currently, we work with many companies in the automotive, food and beverage, and plastics sectors in Mexico. We are the energy advisors of those companies. We help them reach their goals in terms of saving money acquiring energy and gas, having zero carbon policy, reducing GHG emissions or seeing how to attain renewable energy and the many ways that they can do it. We are focused mostly on the automotive, food and beverage, and plastics sectors, though we also work with other industries. We designed a global platform called Insights, whereby our clients have a comprehensive business overview. For example, a client that has a global presence can identify their contracts in Spain, how they are being invoiced and how much they spending on gas or power. They can see what strategies they are using or how Edison helps them reduce their consumption compared to previous years. They can also learn how much they are saving with these strategies and what else they could be doing along these lines. We hold monthly and quarterly meetings with the management team of our clients to explore opportunities and sector developments, and not just in Mexico.

What role does Mexico play within your international business strategy?

MALVIN DELGADO Mexico is an energy hub with a great deal of fossil fuel and gas activities. Picarro’s core business is the development and commercialization of specialized technology for advanced analytics solutions. Methane emissions measurement and advanced leak detection solutions for the gas industry with a focus on energy is one of those. The energy transition will take time and will involve a great deal of effort. In the meantime, we need to find a way to complete the process effectively. Natural gas is the answer to for three main reasons. It is abundant, cheap, and produces low emissions when properly processed. Natural gas is the natural alternative to be used in this energy transition; however, we need to understand how it must be treated and processed. Picarro is focused on this direction in order to be part of the energy transition. Our company uses advanced analytic technology as well as data sciences and cloud computing to provide the technology platform to manage natural gas in the energy transition. We play an important role in supporting natural gas provider to make their gas infrastructure safer, reliable, and environmentally friendly, while help them to reduce in O&M costs.

What main challenges do your customers face when it comes to optimizing energy?

AC It is a case of information overload. When the renewable energy market took off, it was easy to be confused by the plethora of rules, regulations, and different participants. Now, the question is who, what, and how do I choose? How do I know this is ultimately good for me? The role we play at Edison is to help them see what is best for them, not only in terms of GHG reduction, but also financially because ultimately, it is a company we are talking about. We have to help companies realize savings despite potentially higher initial costs. This is the case due to the various procedures involved such as changing or investing in new equipment. For example, we help firms figure out how much they are going to save at the end of five or 10 years in pursuit of their global objectives.

What companies are you working with in Mexico?

MD We have identified and targeted companies that produce, transport, and distribute gas. We have spoken with companies such as Jaguar and government entities like Cenagas that transport natural gas. There are also companies such as Naturgy, ENGIE, Gas Natural de Juárez, and IEnova that distribute natural gas. Many companies, in fact more than ever, are responsible for producing, transporting, and distributing natural gas today. Companies need to be fully aware about how much natural gas they are releasing into the air and that it is a super pollutant. Government entities are now supervising the degree to which these companies are affecting the environment. However, they need a tool to identify, measure, and correct their natural gas emission. Picarro has been in Mexico for one year now and in that time has identified at least a dozen key clients.



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