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Vladimiro de la Mora

President & Managing Director, General Electric

Aldrich Richter

Managing Director, Bergen Engines

With the growing need for power and clean energy all over the country, energy companies that are able to offer their expertise and the right products and solutions will see great demand in the coming decades.
What did the company decide to implement several changes to its structure?

VLADIMIRO DE LA MORA We have been in the market for 100 years, and Mexico was one of the first international offices that we opened. From there, we have been building a successful business for us. We started about 100 years ago with hydro plants in the center of Mexico before participating in the liquefaction of gas for transportation, trains, and then aviation in the 1960s. GE also implement the nuclear technology in Laguna Marathon, the only nuclear plant in Mexico. Its two reactors are GE reactors. In 2018, we announced the company’s main business focuses: power generation renewables, healthcare, and aviation, and in 2021, we announced the new era of GE with three new companies with extremely bright futures: healthcare, aerospace, and anything related to the energy transition. Each of the companies will have their own logos. There will be three factories, one service center, and one engineering center. We have close to 5,200 employees in the county. Mexico is an important market for us and will continue an important on for the three independent companies. We are managing this separation process in phases.

Why is it a good time to invest in energy efficiency in the Mexican market?

ALDRICH RICHTER: Even under uncertain times, we still believe in Mexico. That is the first point and an important statement. Potential in Mexico is growing in time, as there is an increasing need for power. It is the right time for an OEM like us to invest in our business because Mexico’s economy needs to grow and sooner, rather than later. Several external factors are adding to Mexico’s competitiveness, such as the nearshoring effect, which will bring many companies from Asia into Mexico to be closer to the largest markets, mainly the US. We believe that it is the right time to invest in our capabilities, build a state-of-the-art service center located in Querétaro, and improve our overall ability to be successful in the market. This is unique to our company strategy. Many of our competitors are withdrawing from the market; however, we believe we can be a market leader by offering our customers the best technology, efficiency, reliability, and service. This is exactly our strategy and it has proven to be quite successful.

Why will gas play an important role in Mexico’s energy transition?

VdlM: Gas generation in Mexico is close to 50% of total generation. Another advantage is the competitive gas prices from the US. With the USMCA agreement, we need to start looking North America as one bloc. Currently, close to 50% of the energy produced in Mexico is produced with one GE equipment. We are focused on gas generation, transmission, and distribution, and nuclear. The energy transition is accelerating, though at the same time, the base generation is needed. There will be days with insufficient wind or sun generation, and the country needs what we call base generation to support the demand. That is where gas generation is a positive complement to the renewable business. We can generate electricity with the new technologies, with a high efficiency and limited CO2 emissions. And also, we are working on different technologies to capture the emissions of those generated by those plants.

Which industries are you collaborating with and how do you work in oil and gas?

AR: One thing unique about our company is that we have a great offering regarding our power portfolio for Mexican and Latam customers. We have a portfolio of gas and liquid fuel engines, ranging from 3MW up to 12MW per unit. We can build power plants with capacities up to 200MW or even 300MW. Most of our mid- and large-scale customers in Mexico, ranging from paper mills, the petrochemical industry, and any general manufacturing industry, have projects ranging from 10MW to 50MW, which is the sweet spot for our technology. We offer the highest efficiency for medium-speed engines in the market. Hence, we can basically support any customer in need of power, from 3MW up to 300MW. It is a wide and broad offering and most of our projects are related to cogeneration. It is not only the electrical efficiency that we are proud of, but it is also taking advantage of exhaust thermal energy that we recycle into steam to ensure up to 95% efficiency on our projects.



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