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Steve Robertson

President & CEO, Infinitum Copper

John M. Darch

Chairman & Director, Sonoro Gold Corp

The rich deposits still being discovered in Mexico offer the country a great opportunity to advance further and become the investment destination for mining companies.
What are your expectations when it comes to the supply and demand for copper in the coming years?

STEVE ROBERTSON: I have been in the copper business in my entire career and have never felt better about the supply-demand dynamics. There is an ever-increasing demand for copper not only because of the electrification of society, but also due to the additional uses for copper in the biomedical space and things like that. At the same time, there is a looming supply crunch, and we have not been able to find the same amount of deposits that have been found historically. As a matter of fact, the discovery rate has dropped dramatically, and in a year or two, there will be a significant supply deficit. People should pay more attention to Cananea, as it is the fourth-largest copper mine in the world. It is just to the north of us at the other end of the state. There is a great opportunity to discover mineralization in Mexico. Much more can be done to find new deposits, especially ones like Lito, which are the smaller, high-grade deposits. It is more exciting to look for them.

How would you rate the performance of gold and silver prices in 2022, and how has this impacted investment in mining?

JOHN M. DARCH: It is somewhat disappointing the way gold is performing; however, there are many factors influencing this, not the least being the US having a strong dollar at the moment. In addition, there is a high level of uncertainty in terms of interest rates. The gold price will likely hover around this level until we receive a firm direction from the Federal Bank in the US as to where it sees interest rates going. Will they stop the climbing interest rate and ease the inflationary pressures? If not, many countries might go into a recession. If that happens, that is when I expect to see some developments with gold.

How has your project in Sonora, La Adelita, advanced?

SR: It is a fantastic project in a wonderful spot, Sonora State, which is known to be a significant contributor of copper to the national product. It is an exciting project that has not had a large amount of exploration done on it in the past. It is hard to find such projects, and we are reaping the benefits of that now. With our exploration program, we are finding increasingly high-grade mineralization over large distances; it appears as though it is a large system. It is at least 210km wide by 5km long, and a lot of work is needed to fully define where the mineralization lies. Currently, the more we explore, the more we find, though it is too early to determine the start of production yet. We are still in the exploration phase and working to finalize the boundaries of the entire system. We are advancing the project quickly and hope it will not be too long before we are able to start making projections.

What differentiates you from other junior mining companies, in particular in Mexico?

JMD: The difference between Sonoro and the majority of junior mining companies is that we actually have a business plan. We have the five essential components of a successful mining company. First, we have a group of highly experienced engineers, geologists, financial people, and so on, each with some 35 years of experience and successes in the past. Then, there is the immense potential of the project. The third component is that the owners, insiders, and management all have a meaningful investment in the company. The senior executives hold about 20-22% of the company. We have considerable investments in the company, and each time we have a private placement, we always fully subscribe. The business plan is also important, and that is where we stand out from many of the junior companies who are heavily reliant on a major company acquiring them; we do not. The last essential component of a company is the ability to raise funding, and we have demonstrated this even in the most difficult of times. The fact that we can do it at a premium to the market is a clear indication that we are set apart from most of the juniors. When an investor looks at our company, they should be able to identify with any degree of due diligence the people, project, ownership, and the fact that each person in the management has a substantial interest in the company, well over USD1 million each, which puts us in good standing. ✖



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