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John Cheng

PANAMA - Telecoms & IT

Beating the Competition in Style

Director, Central America Multinational Rep. Office Device Business Dept., Huawei


John Cheng is Director of the Huawei Office of Equipment for Central America and the Caribbean. He has led the mobile phone industry for more than 10 years, including more than three years in Latam, oriented to understanding and respecting consumer requirements.

Huawei's latest product, the P30 Pro, is making the rounds in the global tech and photography communities, which have unanimously crowned it the world's best phone camera.

How has Huawei evolved in Panama so far, and what are some of the highlights of being one of the most successful smartphone brands in the world?

Huawei was founded almost 30 years ago, and the company has been in Panama for around 10 years. In 2016, we had an important year as we launched the dual-camera P9 series. This high-tech product became quite popular in Panama. Later in 2017, we launched another phone with one of the most advanced processors in the world, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Huawei’s devices have been popular in Panama, and we are growing at a stable rate. Our success comes from the fact that we keep investing heavily in R&D across hardware and software. Our goal is to provide the best technology, which is why Huawei is becoming more and more popular globally.

How will the new store in Multiplaza Mall maximize your offerings?

We opened this store in early 2019 and it has become increasingly popular over time; we want it to become a reference point for all other brands in the space. We have the best technology in our devices, which is why Huawei products are mostly considered computers rather than smart phones. Even more, we have strong product offerings, including fitness watches and other accessories.

How would you characterize Huawei’s B2B activity in Panama?

In Panama, there is a diverse set of corporate entities that represent numerous industries. It is an open country with a great deal of passion. Furthermore, we have a lot of corporate clients and a large number of partners to whom we offer complete solutions. Huawei is known for smart devices, but the company also offers strong ICT solutions. We provide these solutions to a wide variety of areas in Panama, and this is one of the reasons why this the country is so important for us.
What new products are you set to launch in Panama?
We recently launched the new P30 phone series. This offers some unique features, chief among them is the camera, which is by far the best among its competitors. The new series is our key in this market, and it has been performing exceptionally. In particular, clients are excited about the zoom function of the P30 Pro camera, which can offer up to 50x digital zoom. The main camera is 40 megapixels and it has numerous stabilization improvements. Such is the picture quality of the P30 Pro that the camera can even be used to take pictures of the moon. The product’s battery performance is also quite good, and our wireless charging technology has also improved greatly. We are also setting new standards in the area of safety through enhanced fingerprint security.

What are your main CSR activities in Panama?

CSR is important to us. At Huawei, we are focused on working toward the improvement of the communities in which we operate. Treating people well is a primary concern for us. One of the main issues we focus on is improving education. We believe that this is one of the most important areas we can work on. We have supported numerous online facilities for education, including assisting schools that have difficulty accessing resources due to their distance from the cities. Also, we have donated equipment that allows children to take online English classes. Our biggest contribution to Panama has been the Seeds for the Future program. We started this in 2015, and through this program we take the top performers and best students from every engineering program related to our industries in public universities. These students are given the opportunity to visit China. They learn about culture and receive Chinese language lessons. They are also provided with professional internship experience, which is guided by some of our best professionals. We are passionate about such education-based programs and will further increase our efforts in the future.



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