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PORTUGAL - Telecoms & IT

Benedita Miranda

General Manager Multilingual Region, Foundever™


Benedita Miranda is General Manager Multilingual Region (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Egypt, Romania and Hungary) at FoundeverTM, one of the top-three global providers of Customer Experience (CX) products and solutions, and she’s responsible for a team of 10,000 employees in all eight countries. With a degree in psychology from Universidade Lusíada, an executive master’s in marketing from Católica Porto Business School, and an MBA from ESADE Barcelona, Miranda’s professional career in the customer experience management area began more than 20 years ago. Since joining FoundeverTM (previously known as Sitel® Portugal) in 2010 as site director, her progression has been exponential. In 2013, she took over as country manager for Portugal; in 2015 she took over the management of the company in Italy; in early 2021 she was named general manager of the company in Portugal, Greece, and Italy.

"We invest in company acquisitions and organic growth to promote innovation and digital transformation."
Foundever™ is one of the world’s top-three providers of customer experience (CX) products and solutions, and is thriving in Portugal.

What is the trajectory of Foundever™ in Portugal, and why is the country strategic for the company?

Foundever™ has been present in Portugal for more than 25 years. When I joined in 2010, Foundever™ (then Sitel) had 283 employees in the country and was already assisting clients in more than 12 different languages. However, despite the company’s skills and outstanding potential, it was not marketing itself effectively, and companies were unaware of what the value we could provide was. My first task at Foundever™ was to promote the company in Portugal so the business community could better understand our capabilities and how we could grow their reach both in Portugal and abroad. Since 2010, the company has experienced 20-fold growth in Portugal, with over 4,000 employees. Portugal is currently Foundever™’s largest multilingual hub in the world.

What sets Foundever™ apart in the field of customer experience management?

Two unique approaches differentiate Foundever™. The first is the way we prioritize our employees’ experience and satisfaction by cultivating a carefully thought-out company culture. We focus on our employees’ satisfaction because we believe this is how they will provide our clients with a great customer experience. Second, our language capabilities are another of our strengths. They allow us to offer the right solutions to our clients’ needs while maintaining high quality.

What makes Portugal an ideal location for customer experience centers and BPO services?

It is a combination of factors. The first would be the personality of the Portuguese; we are very adaptable. Portugal has a cosmopolitan identity, and this favors cross-cultural exchange. Portuguese professionals are excellent candidates for customer experience roles because they combine cultural IQ and a willingness to help. We are hardworking and respectful, making us a country people like to work with.

Which companies make up the client base of Foundever™, and which industries offer the potential for business development?

Foundever™ targets multilingual global clients and differentiates itself through its multilingual capabilities. That is why we are a solid match for companies with international requirements. We work with the best companies in each industry, including tech, travel, and finance. Social media companies are also an essential company type that we cater to. We are also growing in the health sector, with a health company currently being our second-largest client in Portugal.

How is Foundever™ incorporating new technologies to the benefit of its clients?

We invest in company acquisitions and organic growth to promote innovation and digital transformation. We are highly advanced in AI, incorporating technology across our processes. Our people understand the solutions needed to transform our clients’ businesses and improve their customer experience. Consultancy is embedded in our approach to clients. We do a life cycle evaluation for each account to better understand its current situation and where the different technology solutions should be implemented. If we do not have an internal solution for some specific case, we partner with the best companies to provide a better service.

What makes FoundeverTM an asset for multinational businesses?

The countries in the multilingual region have the same corporate organization so, from a client’s point of view, when they work with Foundever™, part of their business can be managed in one of our locations and part of the business in another—with the same team and method of operating, as well as with greater flexibility. Today, where the talent is located is not as important as the talent’s ability to effectively provide the necessary services. For example, there is excellent potential in Egypt, and we can use the country as our hub for automatic translation.

What makes CX a great industry to work in?

There are numerous benefits to working in the CX industry. Employees learn extensively as we invest heavily in training, including soft skills. Our e-learning platform for employees elevates their professional and personal skills and offers multiple opportunities for them to evolve in their careers. We also invest consistently in our employees’ well-being; one of the perks we provide is access to psychological, financial, and legal support.



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