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Marco Parsiegla

OMAN - Tourism

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CEO, Amouage


Marco Parsiegla was appointed CEO of Amouage in 2019, marking a new chapter in the brand’s acclaimed legacy. Parsiegla is driving the development of Amouage by modernizing and reorganizing its business model to appeal to the next generation of fragrance lovers. With over two decades of experience in the fragrance and cosmetics industry, Parsiegla has a track record that spans marketing, sales, and strategy across the luxury market. He held various senior positions at Proctor & Gamble, including global vice president of its prestige division. He was also executive vice president for luxury and consumer goods at Havas. He holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and economics from the University of Germany.

With a consumer-centric focus and a portfolio of extraordinary products and experiences, Amouage has garnered a global reputation for bringing true artistry to its creations and become an icon in the fragrance world.

What is your growth strategy for 2020?
In 2020, we are implementing our new strategy to reinvent the way we create, communicate, and distribute products. To be successful in luxury fragrances, which is one of the most competitive industries, you need to excel across two pillars: creating extraordinary products and experiences as well as expanding reach and maximizing sales. In the short and medium term, we will leverage our portfolio of successful, iconic fragrances and complement those by launching an interesting new set of products inspired by Oman, but with global relevance and marketability. Importantly, we will maximize the potential throughout the world by creating experiences beyond the pure product, and this relies on two different aspects. First, we need to enhance the experience offered at our physical facilities, whether at our unique visitor center, where we welcome around 15,000 fragrance lovers annually, or at our retail stores. Second, we need to focus more on digital and social media, which is rather new to the brand, because it represents a huge growth potential for us. At present, in the beauty business, about two thirds of purchase decisions are influenced by Instagram, which means that it is vital for us to have the right content on all digital platforms. At the core of our future forward interaction with our consumers is the “Creative Collective.” It is a team of established names and emerging figures who will be the voice of the brand across multiple touchpoints including product, digital, and in-store.

What are the main trends impacting the industry in Oman?
In Oman, we are a key player. We closed 2019 with double-digit growth. Starting from our global visitor center in Muscat, we were able to convey a more compelling brand story to a broader consumer base. It was a matter of going beyond the product transaction to really immerse consumers in the brand and establish a stronger connection with them. Indeed, this was a key driver behind the company’s success in 2019 and will remain so going forward. We need to transcend the experience of the center to our boutiques in Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa, and beyond, including a more compelling digital experience.

How is your e-commerce strategy evolving?
At Amouage, our consumer-centric focus will come to life through a seamless integration of online and offline channels. We know that many consumers prefer an online browsing experience that goes beyond a pure product catalog, infused with some experiential aspects. For the physical experience, the last mile is critical; whether our consumers experience a product at our boutique or get it delivered to their doorstep, it is ultimately all about creating extraordinary experiences. Our e-commerce strategy come alive with, which will feature intuitive navigation, inspiring content, easy shopping functions, and state-of-the-art integration of social media platforms. Subsequently, we will elevate the brand experience at brick-and-click stores as well as specialty marketplaces. Our goal is to provide the best experience and reliable product delivery across all key markets within the next 18 months.

What is your branding strategy?
Over the past decades, Amouage has garnered a global reputation for bringing true artistry to its creations and has become an icon in the fragrance world. The brand character is daring, and our fragrances are for people who want to amplify their personalities. Arresting and alluring, our products appeal to sophisticated, confident, and well-travelled consumers who want something truly unique and extraordinary. Our relationship with consumers is personal. We are focused on fueling this one-to-one relationship spanning from high-touch human interaction at the store to fully leveraging the potential of digital and social channels. We know consumers love Amouage products because they allow them to express their personality. Fragrances in the ultra-luxury segment are personal and intimate. So, for the majority of our consumers, Amouage is their personal fragrance, their personal secret. We plan to continue being the best-known secret within the industry.



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