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CEO, GB Energy — Texaco


Mauricio Pulido heads up his firm’s downstream petroleum distribution company in the Caribbean. Over the past six years, Pulido has turned the business around, positioning GB Energy – Texaco as the leading company in fuel distribution in Jamaica. Prior to his current position, Pulido participated in the team that divested 27 Latin American countries for Chevron Corporation. He has more than 25 years of executive experience by working in Jamaica, the US, Colombia, and Venezuela with GB Energy and Chevron Corporation for downstream activities such as portfolio management, retail, consumer and industrial, LPG, and lubricants. Pulido holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Los Andes University of Colombia.

Already the number-one distributor of fuel and LNG in Jamaica, Texaco is now aiming to make its mark on Jamaica's logistics sector and other regional markets.

In 2019, Texaco will celebrate its 100th anniversary in Jamaica, what have been some of the company’s biggest achievements?

GB Energy Texaco has brought a different dimension to the business by adding new and modern service stations, strengthening the relation with its retailers and customers, and providing a great working platform for its employees. We are focused on retaining our number one position in the market. Additionally, we have more than 70 service stations across the island and we incorporate digitalization and high-tech services to make the customer experience unique. Furthermore, we have been able to the number one supplier of Avjet fuel to airlines coming to Jamaica

What have become of the company’s plans regarding entering the LPG business and selling asphalt to Chinese companies?

LPG and asphalt sales have grown significantly. As the government is investing heavily in infrastructure, we have more opportunities for the asphalt business. In the LPG business, tremendous progress has been achieved and our Yaadman cylinders can be found in almost every Jamaican home. In fact, we are also supplying LPG in bulk to several industries. Most importantly, we launched LPG Auto, providing an economic and environment friendly fuel for automobiles.
Jamaica has a great potential to becoming a logistics hub, how is GB planning to take advantage of this opportunity?
Jamaica has a strategic location in relation to the movement of cargo coming from Panama to the US and other territories, and because of this, we foresee a potential business opportunity in the bunkering side. We have excellent business relations with the main port and we are looking at opportunities to contribute to the growth of this side of the business by being a powerful and reliable supplier of fuels, which is a key component of the logistics sector.

Can you tell us more about the local initiatives that you are supporting?

Throughout 2018, we have been working with the Tourism Linkages Network to provide connections between producers and buyers to increase the income of tourism dollars for local communities. In addition, we have developed a program where each of our service stations selects a school nearby and helps them with basic needs. Such initiatives show communities that we are supporting and contributing to their growth.

In May, 2018, GB Energy Texaco Jamaica hosted its annual retailers conference to discuss about the issues and future of the group. Which were the main outcomes of the conference?

The conference was a great success, as it involved presentations of public and private sectors, giving our retailers the chance to have a clear picture on how we are bringing first world service stations to Jamaica. Our retailers, as entrepreneurs, are now seeking for great locations around the island to expand our presence and provide an excellent customer experience to all Jamaicans.

Are you planning to expand your operations?

Definitely, as a group we have been recognized as a Caribbean company that is reliable and has the capacity to work with all segments of society. This has opened the doors for us to participate in the expansion of energy consumption in the region. In fact, we believe that there are many opportunities as the markets are evolving and we are expanding our reach to enter new markets.

What targets or expectations do you have for the 2019?

2019 will mark Texaco’s 100 anniversary in Jamaica. With this in mind, we are working on improving our network in terms of size and image as well as our participation in many new energy businesses. 2019 will be full of celebrations as we will show gratitude for the loyalty of the Jamaican people and we will be there by their side in promoting growth and prosperity. What’s more, we will recognize everyone that has worked with Texaco in Jamaica and we will have several activities to embrace our appreciation for their work and efforts. 2019 is the year of consolidation of our market position, as we prepare for the next 100 years.



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