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Ayman Ahmed

General Manager, Jaidah Industrial Supply

Paolo Bruno

General Manager, Jaidah Electrical

What are the specific services that your company provides to customers looking to start a project? AYMAN AHMED We usually focus on offering full solutions to our customers. If a […]

What are the specific services that your company provides to customers looking to start a project?

AYMAN AHMED We usually focus on offering full solutions to our customers. If a company comes to Jaidah as a contractor looking to get started on a project, we offer them heavy machinery. Then, when they excavate a project to transport this sand somewhere, so we can offer the commercial trucks, both light duty and heavy duty. We back up the products with the right after-sales service, which is the most important thing. Most of the recent projects that have been awarded are tight in schedule, and everyone is in a hurry to buy and work. As such, there are many sites working 24 hours a day. Hence, Jaidah invested heavily in people and in training our staff of technicians, supervisors, mechanics, and electricians. We have trained them well and we have initiated a 24-hour service for our customers, whereby they can call us at any time, and we go to their sites, offering not just service through our two workshops, but also on-site field service.

PAOLO BRUNO Our priority is to increase customer satisfaction and constantly improve what we offer to our customers. We also try to anticipate market trends. The main trend nowadays is to offer integrated solutions rather than just supplying products, and also in providing value-added solutions. Jaidah Electrical made a name for itself through the products it supplied over the years, but now we have shifted to a concept of integrated solutions required for the high-tech buildings being built and projects being undertaken. The supply of certain products is very important for our customers. Being exclusive means our suppliers see us as their special arm in the country because they don’t have their own offices here, and they need someone reliable who is in touch with the customer and has an experienced team in the market that can undertake successful marketing campaigns. Major companies rely on local groups like Jaidah for a lot of their business activities and opportunities. Panel building activities are a value-added solution that we are also supplying. After all, we are not selling spare components, we are building a panel that’s going to electrify a building. We ensure that this is done according to the right specifications, and sometimes we are influencing the specifications themselves through our engineers and consultants who are designing the projects.

What opportunities do you expect to come up in the next five years and what is your growth strategy?

AA In the last few months we have seen a lot of projects coming up, especially in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There is high demand for heavy equipment and industrial products as a result of these projects. We want to be a full solutions provider, and that is what all our tactics and strategies in the market are aiming to achieve. Right now, we can offer everything from safety shoes to the massive machinery that excavates and shifts sand. Our strategy is to be a one-stop shop for any and all construction companies and contractors working in this field. We need to be able to offer everything at the construction site if we are to achieve that strategy, and that is what we have done.

PB It is an exciting and challenging time for us. We are creating our identity to solidify our name, since we are new as an independent division. We have to show to our customers what we can do and to prove ourselves now that we are out of the shadow of the broader group. So far we have achieved great and remarkable results. We want to be there to supply solutions that will fit into the more complex and mature projects that are coming about in the construction sector, be it commercial, hospitality, or residential. The future is very positive for us, considering the QNV 2030 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The projects are there, the demand is there, and we are ready to provide. Our excellent supply chain management will give us the benefit of having a solid basis to provide whatever our customers need and to offer integrated solutions in the mature stages of those projects.



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