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A hotspot for outsourcing operations, Colombia is working hard to improve workers' skills and provide the most useful services to clients from all over the world from every industry.

Maria Clara Choucair

CEO, Choucair Testing

We are a software engineering technology company that offers knowledge processes and business-centric testing capabilities. We make sure a company’s digital processes reflect its business vision; the IT asset helps companies stick to their business objectives and target new clients. The digital strategy must be centered on clear business objectives and support existing operations. The processes, products, and services we offer are technical and allow a company to track the efficiency of a client’s digital marketplace—website, apps, or digital ecosystem. Choucair contributes to the social, economic, and sustainable development of the country. It is a B corporation company, which is a certification for global firms with a purpose that goes beyond shareholder profit. We recognize our contribution to society, the families of our employees, and the government; we work with all stakeholders to generate value for communities through our products and processes.

Claudio Javier Galindo Rí­os

CEO, BPO de las Américas

BPO de las Américas supports all the technological processes for digital credit, including analyzing credit and managing their lending. These companies have certain requirements that they relay to us, and we develop these in our software. We apply all the relevant compliance in the countries, as the software can be easily adapted. For such processes, companies outsource all the end-to-end solutions, so they do not need to have a specialized area of development. We have formed strong and deep relationships with financial companies as a result of our expertise. We offer solutions across all stages of the credit lifecycle and support credit origination as well. To this extent, we offer tools for companies to manage their account portfolio and recover outstanding payments. The companies have to set up a strategy in order to collect leases and having a platform to organize debtors from which to monitor and execute processes is extremely useful.

Ricardo Duran

Founder & President, Ricardo Duran

The BPO—specifically the contact center—industry is one of the sectors that handles the most numbers. We have many metrics and indicators, and the value of managing these indicators is identifying what is most relevant for our business and customers. In Outsourcing S.A., a key metric is first contact resolution because it has a transformative potential for our clients and the end user. Another metric that is relevant to increase efficiency is the attrition rate, because any agent or representative who leaves the company incurs costs in terms of recruiting and training. There is a huge strategy to managing the attrition rate. We have been in the business since 1993, and our culture is a strength for us. The first vertical that can benefit from working with Outsourcing S.A. are telcos, who receive significant benefits from outsourcing their contact centers, followed by the banking industry, utilities and retail.

Carlos Fadul

CEO, iQ Outsourcing

Our services are focused on three sectors: banking, health, and insurance. We also have contact centers in the government sector, and they all can benefit from iQ Outsourcing. Banks are currently focused on their digital strategies, and there are many processes that they are obligated to provide due to the expectations of the market. Among them are support services that can be outsourced because they are not the main focus of a bank, for example, the payment of government subsidies They can relieve internal efforts and outsource such processes in order to focus on the main processes of the sector. There are main process that require time to market and economies of scale that banks cannot achieve alone. For BPOs, there are important opportunities to do that, and the same is true in the health industry.

Andrés Giolito

Country Manager, Globant

Colombia plays a key role in our global strategy, especially given the digital transformation of business. Cognitive technology is worth around USD3 billion globally, and the question was which country would make the best use of this opportunity. Colombia stepped up. The government has conducted campaigns to improve training in technology and expand the availability of tech-intensive roles. The business community has already started to see impressive results. Thus far, in 2021 Globant has hired 1,000 people. This has come about because of the digital acceleration that occurred as a result of the pandemic; there was an explosion in demand. As well as with government, Globant liaises with the private sector. We have campaigns and mass training programs, and this allows us to take advantage of this opportunity. During the pandemic, we adapted quickly to remote work.



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