The Business Year

With one of the most disciplined, educated, and customer-centric workforces on the planet, it is no wonder the Colombian BPO industry is doubling every two to three years.

Juan Carlos Hincapié

CEO CGP Region, Teleperformance

Teleperformance’s longevity alone proves it is a great company because it is difficult to stay in the Colombian market for 25 years. We have a great deal of knowledge to share. Colombia is becoming a global market for the services industry, and we are developing the talent and understanding of the necessary processes and technology. We have a strong footprint to leverage this knowledge for the world. We have been growing significantly as an industry in Colombia and as a company. The Colombian IT/BPO industry is doubling or tripling every three years. We will continue to ensure Colombia has its fair share in the international environment because we have a great deal to say about customer experience in the world. When one understands services, they start to see that there is a beautiful combination of process, technology, and people here. Having a disciplined and customer-service oriented labor force plus a company with strong processes and technology means we have a beautiful blend, like a good wine. We work with new companies, be they in healthcare, insurance, or banking; we can do whatever we want to for the world. Our services are not only for the American market, but also Latin America and Europe. Some 30% of Teleperformance’s employees in Colombia service Spain, a shift that comes into work at 2am. That is a completely different environment and profile here.

Maritza Garzón

General Manager, EMTELCO

Our 16 years in the market have brought us face to face with change every day, something that has taught us many lessons that we have used as input to take the company to a higher level. In 1994, our greatest move was to go from being a telecommunications company to a call center. During this process, we achieved our first ISO 9001 certification in all our internal processes and connectivity services. In 2011, we understood that our strategy should cover other needs of customers and end-users. Therefore, we focus on multi-channel attention through our contact center and BPO. In 2016, a new strategic initiative led us to reinvent ourselves and create new attributes that positioned Emtelco as a company different from those of the sector, which led us to be leaders in the co-development of experiences, a process that taught us to take the experience of customers far more seriously as part of our strategy. To date, the process of learning never ends. Today, we focus on customer- and employee-centric strategies that will ensure the achievement of better results and changes inside our company. Teamwork is another great lesson that has allowed us to build an organizational culture in which we lead projects. In addition, it has been key to ensuring a strategic approach that supports the permanent evolution of the company. Overall, our positioning strategy is focused on being recognized by the market as leaders in the co-development of customer experience and digital transformation.

Óscar Velásquez

Country Director, Óscar Velásquez

Throughout our history, we have known in which markets to be and in which portfolio of services to participate. Moreover, we have had a clear value offering that has evolved over time. Atento mainly operates in Latin America, Spain, and the US; this is a strategic place for our company. We have been in Colombia for 19 years. We were welcomed as a recognized operator from early on and have seen the growth of the sector in Colombia during all these years, which makes us strong. Our focus is on people. We are recognized by GPTW and other institutions as a great place to work, and satisfied employees guarantee satisfied customers. In this sector and perhaps in every sector related to services, Colombia can become a leader. There are several reasons that make us more competitive here than other countries in the Americas, Asia, or Oceania. Colombia’s geographical position favors us, both north-south and east-west. We also have the same time zone as the largest buyer, not to mention an entrenched service culture deep in the culture of Colombians. We are customer-oriented and have the commercial skills to carry out sales and services. Finally, although we have clients in telecommunications, banking, financial services, health, insurance, retail, and public administration, Atento was born in the telecoms sector, which has given us a high operational capacity in terms of volumes, transactions, calls, and people.



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