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Bruno Ricardo Albernaz

ANGOLA - Telecoms & IT

Bruno Ricardo Albernaz

CEO, Grupo Arena


Bruno Ricardo Albernaz graduated in political sciences from the Higher Institute of Social Sciences and Policies at the Technical University of Lisbon, and is CEO of Grupo Arena.

"The history of Grupo Arena is one of great willpower, dedication, perseverance, resilience, dedication, a great love for Angola, and an enormous pride in being an Angolan company."
Grupo Arena has a hand in every major event that happens in Angola, and is proving its commitment to the country through its dedication to quality.
Grupo Arena was founded in 2002. Can you provide information about the company’s history and its experience in the sector?

The history of Grupo Arena is one of great willpower, dedication, perseverance, resilience, dedication, a great love for Angola, and an enormous pride in being an Angolan company. This project created by two passionate and creative young people always had as its main objective to be a disruptive, pioneering, innovative company, with the best practices, close to the customer, and, above all, to have the result of its work compared to the result produced by other companies in more developed markets. Our vision for the company was to respond to the needs of the market, always knowing where we wanted to go and, above all, what we wanted to be in the future. Our vision was that the dream would be for everyone. Preferably, shared and with the participation of our employees, seeking to express a dream that is also desirable for them. We were born very small, initially creating a communication and advertising company. When we realized that we could organize events, we added this skill to advertising, and, in 2003, Eventos Arena was born, and we soon produced Angola’s first sectorial fair, Constrói Angola, which had three halls—architecture, public works, and construction; technology and sciences; and telecommunications. It went very well. It was a success. Since then, just like now, we offer a turnkey product. Our clients do not have to worry about operational aspects. With great pride, we have the honor to say that in the last 20 years, the Arena Group has been part of the history of the Republic of Angola, participating in all the main events that take place, whether political, economic, social, entertainment, or otherss.

How do you predict the events industry in Angola will change over the next five to 10 years?

I see it as a very dynamic industry that will naturally grow a lot in the coming years. The Angolan government has played a very important role in Africa, with actions to promote peace among brotherly peoples in the region, among other actions that make us increasingly the reference center where a series of very important events are being held. Economic diplomacy is also already bearing fruit and is also a driver for events to be increasingly larger and more representative. Angola is in vogue and the investments that will occur will bring positive results to the sector. Regardless of these actions, Angola is a country with a lot of joy and social activity, so it is important for entrepreneurs in this industry to have the ability to interpret these indicators in order to invest in the best solutions to meet all these needs.

Grupo Arena is a successful company in Angola with extensive experience in event organization. What is your strategy for achieving similar success in the country?

Success requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The strategy is to always be at the forefront, persevering and investing constantly to produce the best for our clients. The proximity to customers and the market, the interpretation of needs, and the relentless pursuit of the best solutions generate the trust that makes the 20-year-old Arena Group a reality in building our experience to better serve.

The technology sector in Angola is still in its infancy. However, efforts are underway to modernize and increase access to technology in the country. What are the latest technological trends in event organization and how does the company approach them?

Although still in its evolutionary stage, the fact is that the last few years have demonstrated the significant progress that this sector has made. In the telecommunications sector, there have been significant advancements in the national coverage of voice and data services. We have signed agreements with partners to provide internet access at all fairs and events organized by us. In light of this dynamic, we have been very attentive and have made several investments, including a software for managing and controlling access to our fairs and events, and another for the integrated management of all events, CRM, commercial management, and planning. This way, we can be closer to our clients, optimizing our relationship and meeting their needs directly.



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