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Bruno Riga

MEXICO - Green Economy

Bruno Riga

Country Manager, Enel Green Power Mexico


Bruno Riga has led Enel Green Power Mexico since early 2021, leading a dynamic team focused on the development of wind and solar renewable energies, in addition to managing the company’s generation business in the country. Before this, he was the country manager of Enel in Central America. His professional career at Enel began in 2000 in the research division. Later, he led projects in Italy and Spain and arrived in Colombia in 2014 as general manager of Enel Emgesa. Consequently, he led the renewable energy division there until 2019, when he took on the position of country manager for Central America. He has been a member of various technical committees in Europe, in the energy research area, as well as in Latin America. He is an aerospace engineer from the University of Pisa.

As Mexico will soon need new capacity, considering its economic growth, Enel stands ready to help the country generate not only renewable energy but also greater value.

What steps is Enel taking to continue consolidating its presence in Mexico?

In Mexico, we are at a crucial stage, considering that Enel is the global leader for renewable energy. We are already the number one producer of clean energy in the country, and our goal is to continue consolidating our leadership while looking at the development of new business. Sustainable energy is only part of the chain where we can generate value. Mexico has a huge wealth of natural resources such as sun and wind, and it can be the leader in North America and Latam. It has many opportunities now and ahead, not only in terms of sustainable energy but also, for example, electrical mobility. We have been operating in Mexico since 2008, more than 13 years. We have the technical knowledge, though constructing a plant is not just about positioning a wind turbine or solar panels. It is about the green philosophy. Our main goal is implementing sustainability and generating value for all the communities surrounding our power plants. We have this model of sustainable development, Creating Shared Value, that generates value for everyone. This is the only way to reach the sustainability that we need.

What are the advantages of using solar or wind power plants?

Building a renewable solar or wind power plant is fairly easy, as these are established technologies now. The renewable energy sector is the motor of the economy; it is not merely about building a plant to deliver energy. Supplying renewable energy helps every sector. We must create new opportunities in zones with a high unemployment rate. I see an important engine of development for everyone here in Mexico through renewables. Everyone involved in the energy sector, like us, should focus their strategy on generating value for the client and not just on energy trading. They should offer the community other kinds of services, such as sustainability. We cannot afford thinking only in the short term, considering the speed of technological change. One day, energy will be like telecommunications, with plenty of choices and incredibly low prices for consumers.

How is Enel pushing team innovation in terms of its operations in Mexico?

For us, innovation is not new; it is part of our DNA. For five years, we have been venturing on connectivity, virtuality, and cloud information. When COVID-19 first hit, only 5% of our collaborators was working remotely. However, we were prepared to make the transition, and now 95% work remotely. The 5% that is working in person are mostly in power plants, as they are essential workers. From day one, everyone could get in touch with our team via technology. Innovation comes from investing in what you think could happen. It does not happen just because it is needed, innovation is now happening with storage, which is still lacking in Mexico.

What projects are you developing in Mexico for 2022?

We are consolidating our business. We had been focusing on development and innovation, and we continue to explore new opportunities while considering the country’s needs. Our company has a crucial plan for global development. We want to close all our thermal energy plants and go green 100% in the next 20 years. In other countries, we use gas, which will help with the transition. We must handle this energy transition well to prevent discontinuity in the service, all while thinking about sustainability as a key element. We are looking for new opportunities. Mexico will soon need new capacity, considering its economic growth. We will continue to follow our plan, considering that Mexico is the crown jewel of renewable energy due to its privileged geographical location and its broad array of natural resources. From the 31 countries in which Enel Group operates, Mexico is in the eight place in terms of generation of electricity from renewable resources, and holds the fifth place regarding Latam.



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