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Working to facilitate not only business opportunities in Kuwait with companies from their respective countries, these councils are also increasing local relations and raising awareness of their cultures and success stories.

Gurvinder Singh Lamba

Chairman, Indian Business and Professional Council Kuwait (IBPC)

India and Kuwait enjoy historical bonds of friendship based on a string foundation of over 100 years. This was established in 2001 under the patronage of the Embassy of India in Kuwait. There are nearly one million Indians residing in Kuwait. They comprise the largest expatriate community in Kuwait and are engaged in a wide spectrum of professions including medicine, engineering, education, finance, banking, business, and also form a large part of the blue collared workers. They are highly regarded for their honesty, hard work, qualifications and contributions to the development and progress of Kuwait. IBPC’s focus is to promote Indian business and services to enterprises in Kuwait, and classical cultural performances as well. At the moment, we are pursuing a couple of keynote speakers from India to visit Kuwait.

Antonio Campos

President, Portuguese Business Council of Kuwait

The ongoing effort and commitment to implement the Kuwait Vison 2035 will drive the country toward greater success. I believe Portugal, with its entrepreneur DNA, will be able to contribute with its know-how on some of them, including training and sharing of best practices in sectors such as renewable energy, among others. There is room for many mutually beneficial partnerships between Portuguese and Kuwait companies to explore business opportunities. Portugal welcomes Kuwaiti investment and supports all Kuwaiti companies; Kuwait is also a great opportunity for the Portuguese companies. PBCK is also keen to help in that effort by exchanging experiences with Kuwait authorities and the private sector in areas such as the energy transition and economic sustainability; technology, industry, and innovation; AI, data, and cybersecurity; construction; tourism, leisure, and culture; education and R&D; trade; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Yahya Mahmoud Al-Sheibani

President, Spanish Business Council of Kuwait (SBCK)

SBCK aims to establish a corporate and social platform that will play a supporting role to strengthen ties between the Spanish business, sport, and cultural communities, with public as well as private entities in Kuwait. The council also plans and executes all its activities in close cooperation with the Embassy of Spain in Kuwait and its commercial office. We aim to create a platform for building relationships between the Spanish and Kuwaiti communities. We are focused on not only business, but also on cultural events to promote the Spanish culture in Kuwait. We want to educate the Kuwaiti public about the unique aspects of Spanish culture. Our mission is to start introducing Kuwaiti companies or stakeholders in Kuwait that can add value to Spain and help Spanish companies understand the context of doing business in Kuwait. We are also ready to collaborate with any local entity interested in working or investing in Spain.

Barry Fautley

Chairman, British Business Forum

The British Business Forum aims to bring together companies, individuals, professionals, and diplomats to foster partnerships, interactions, and business across borders and sectors. We were more active in the past, though we hope to see a growth in our community in this post-pandemic landscape. Our forum organizes events and quarterly meetings to bring together the different groups and help businesses thrive. We also work closely with the Embassy of Great Britain in Kuwait. Construction is currently the biggest sector in the local economy, especially the Airport Terminal Two project. British companies are taking care of the technological part of that development. Then, there is energy; British Petroleum is still participating in Kuwait, and I doubt it will leave anytime soon. Kuwait is a great space for business in construction or energy. These two areas appear the most prominent for British businesses coming to Kuwait or thinking of coming to the country.



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