The Business Year

Davon Crump

General Manager, Global Outsourcing Solutions

Melanie Subratie

Chairman & CEO, Stanley Motta Ltd.

The BPO sector in Jamaica is fast becoming the employer of choice for the youth, but only in the country's primary parishes; however, once adequate infrastructure is in place, the sector is primed to further uplift the economy.

How does the company differentiate itself from the competition?

DAVON CRUMP One of Global Outsourcing Solutions’ main priority is to make sure it maintains its high quality and service because most of its clients are from the first world, and they expect high standards. We also work on improving our service, and this makes Global Outsourcing Solutions stand out. We have been in business for six years, and while we have a broker who helps us with business, a great deal of work comes through word of mouth because we have provided such great service to our clients. People come to us because they realize we are above the competition.

What have been the main highlights of 2018?

MELANIE SUBRATIE 2018 has been an incredible year for Stanley Motta. We converted a five-acre underutilized and devalued space in New Kingston into office space for the BPO company Alorica, with which we have a great relationship. In October 2017, we had the groundbreaking for unit four (112,000sqft), the lease for which started on May 1, 2018. Currently, 100% of all of the space in our tech park, over 200,000sqft, is rented. We also held an IPO and raised JMD4 billion. Stanley Motta was previously owned by my family’s group Musson; we now individually hold 30% of that business, and so I am fully aligned with all our shareholders.

How do you contribute to the development of Jamaica?

DC We are capable and ready for what comes along with Jamaica’s future development. However, one concern is that there are still some issues in terms of finding the necessary talent because the number of call centers in Jamaica has skyrocketed. Jamaica as a whole has the talent, though it is concentrated in Montego Bay, and we want to expand it into other parishes. Global Outsourcing Solutions as a company is fully, turn-key ready if a project comes its way.

MS At present, there are approximately 2,000 BPO workers on the site, though when fully fitted out, there could be 4,000-5,000 people here. Seeing these young people being employed is incredible given that the BPO industry was previously an underemployed sector. The BPO industry holds a great potential in terms of the increase in spending and has a multiplier effect on the economy. My vision is to go beyond BPO as mere call centers by adding value to our service and training, making it an extension of education. Moreover, as Chairman of the Seprod Foundation, we have a commitment to entrepreneurship and promoting technology. For a long time, we have supported an organization called Jamaican Girls Coding to promote coding and technology for young girls. We also support a robotics program that has culminated into a Jamaican robotics competition; the Foundation also has a scholarship program and contributes to Crime Stop Jamaica.

Which other parishes would you would like to expand into?

DC Jamaica has 14 parishes, and the majority of call centers and the BPO sector are based in Montego Bay, followed by Portmore and Kingston. We have staff traveling from places like Westmoreland, which is an hour and a half away. This is great because the accommodation, transport, and other sectors benefit from the BPO sector. However, if quality infrastructure was present in other parishes, such as the fiber-optic network that is needed for the internet, then we could easily move out into other parishes. Personally, I am concerned about a particular parish in Portland which is suffering from high unemployment rate among the youth.

How have the positive macroeconomic trends in Jamaica reflected in your business?

MS JAMPRO’s efforts as well as the government’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ) legislation have been instrumental in building the BPO sector. Moreover, the government’s discipline in its macroeconomic reforms has resulted in a drastic improvement of our image, and we now stand as a model for development in the Caribbean.

What are your goals for 2019?

DC We currently have about 200 employees and want to increase this number to 1,500. This will require Global Outsourcing Solutions to grow its client portfolio. My goal is definitely to expand and be part of the growth of Jamaica’s BPO sector.

MS My goal is to make Stanley Motta the best, most comfortable place to work in Jamaica. I want the people who work here to be happy and empowered. Separately, I am looking at further BPO developments, possibly with a mixed-use residential facility. Notably, interest has been expressed from a number of major BPO operators for such a project.



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