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Marí­a Jesús Cardete Quintero

Director Madrid, ESERP Business & Law School

ESERP Business & Law School celebrates 30 years of history, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca. It teaches official degrees in law, criminology, ADE, international business, advertising, marketing, and public relations. Its contributions to the pedagogical world through the ESERP-ABERTIS Observatory and through the joint book collections with Harvard, McGraw-Hill, Deusto and Planeta stand out. Its honorary titles include six Nobel laureates. The establishment of a school of social and legal sciences that would provide practical and effective teaching prompted the creation of ESERP Business School, supported today by its more than 30-years of history and a network of more than 40,000 former students. Thousands of students have passed through our classrooms, the majority joining the job market in a short space of time and excelling in positions of responsibility. Many of them return to our classrooms to speak and encourage new promotions. ESERP Business and Law School has distinguished itself for many years in its personal vocation to accompany each of our students, taking into account their personal circumstances. We have a department exclusively dedicated to accompanying our students through their professional development. We have hundreds of agreements with companies from all business sectors. The theoretical and practical training within the different ESERP departments is fully integrated into our training system.

Salvador Carmona

Rector, IE University

IE University is an innovative university. Our mission is to provide positive change through education, innovation, and research. And we intend to provide students with a comprehensive education, which means not only what they learn in classrooms but also their overall experience outside of classrooms. We have a rigorous and thorough curriculum, and we also strive to provide students with international experience. Our offer of international exchanges is robust and not only features Erasmus, but also high-profile universities from around the world. At the same time, we have internships that allow students to better understand the business world. We seek to inspire an entrepreneurship spirit and sustainable mindset in our students, which is extremely important. We also give them a holistic view of the world, provided by humanities. Finally, we have an innovative approach to practice, being flexible with new ideas and developments. Our new IE Tower is a step forward in terms of modernity and innovation. It is a vertical campus, located in a business area in northern Madrid. Despite being a downtown campus, we have every facility found at a suburban campus. We will have sport facilities, a swimming pool, and many other amenities. And we are at the forefront of technology, both in terms of classrooms and the overall facilities.

Nicola Jackman

General Director, Nicola Jackman

Our mission is to deliver a top-quality Swiss education that is practical. Our motto is “real business, responsible leaders.“ We are putting into play the ethical aspect of business, as well as the sustainability of business and what that entails. It means looking up all the stakeholders directly and indirectly involved in any business venture. Obviously, we are interested in high technology, AI, and other innovations that come into play. We have a bachelor’s of international management, a master’s in international management, MBAs, Executive MBAs online, and DBA doctorate program. Then, there are various specializations like sports management, digital management, digital marketing, international management, international finance, international relations, and entrepreneurship. In the end, we cover a wide spectrum of areas that all work in common courses and are connected. When we speak about entrepreneurship, both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, the amount of talent we see leaving high schools and joining Geneva Business School come with a big idea. Our quality top faculty members mentor and guide the projects and ideas, and we’ve seen a high number of students set up businesses, sponsored by governments, and launch apps. These young men and women are a part of Generation Z, which means they want to work for themselves rather than work for others. We offer them that expertise.



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