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HE Sheikh Nawaf Nasser Bin Khaled Al—Thani

QATAR - Economy

Capitalizing Efficiency

Chairman, Nasser Bin Khaled Holding


HE Sheikh Nawaf Nasser Bin Khaled Al—Thani is one of the most prominent business figures in Qatar and the Middle East. He studied Business Administration in the UK. As well as being Chairman of Nasser Bin Khaled Holding, he is Chairman of Al Wa’ab City, Chairman of Doha Insurance, and Chairman of Nasser Bin Nawaf & Partners Holdings. He is a member of the extended Ruling Family.

Nasser Bin Khaled (NBK) Holding has been one of Qatar’s most accomplished and entrepreneurial companies over the past 60 years. What strategies and vision have contributed to this success? From […]

Nasser Bin Khaled (NBK) Holding has been one of Qatar’s most accomplished and entrepreneurial companies over the past 60 years. What strategies and vision have contributed to this success?

From the very outset, NBK Holding has been as much about supporting Qatari society as it has been about business and entrepreneurship. I believe that this, more than anything else, has been responsible for our long-term success. We have also capitalized efficiently on our business advantages. We had the first-mover advantage in many of the industries we entered because NBK’s corporate leadership has made it a priority to spot opportunities early and foray into new markets. Then there’s the fact that the NBK brand has always been recognized for outstanding customer service across all subsidiaries. Even today, we understand that our future successes will only be possible with the support of the people and the loyalty of our Qatari and expatriate clientele. That’s why we continue to make it a corporate priority to support the people, in particular the youth of the nation.

How will your construction, real estate, and tourism businesses take advantage of the opportunities offered by the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is a huge triumph for Qatar on the world stage, and I believe it to be an equally big opportunity for Qatari businesses. I see it as the collective responsibility of the business community to represent Qatar well when the world’s eyes are on us. It is self-evident that as we approach the date there will be a sharp increase in demand for a wide range of real estate and tourism services, and NBK is poised to take advantage. We are already working on strategic long-term initiatives to prepare NBK Contracting Companies, NBK Real Estate, and NBK Travel & Tourism for the inevitable spike in demand in the years to come. From my perspective, however, the opportunity goes far beyond 2022. The advances and improvements that we make with the World Cup in mind will serve as an excellent launch pad for growth in future years as Qatar continues to become a global force to be reckoned with.

Going forward toward 2030, how will NBK grow with Qatar towards the National Vision?

Under the wise leadership of HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar has been set upon a course of growth and progress. Qatar National Vision 2030 unites us all with a common purpose and hope for the future of our nation. At NBK, every important decision we take for the future is held up to the National Vision 2030 before being implemented. By the very act of enterprise we contribute to the economic pillar of the vision. Having always been a people and society-centric organization, our philosophy is naturally aligned with the social and human development pillars. Last but not least, NBK has always been very conscientious about leaving a happy, healthy planet for future generations, which is also the environmental development pillar of QNV 2030. The values of NBK Holding have always been rooted in Qatari society and culture. Even as we continue to expand our operations and grow as an organization, this key facet of our identity will always remain true.



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