The Business Year

Andrés Aguirre

General Director, SKBergé

We have been in Colombia since December 2010. We are currently focusing our efforts on growing our dealer network and portfolios and adding new brands to the operation. All these will prepare us for our future goal of achieving a 10% market share. We have key brands such as Fiat, Jeep, Volvo, Chrysler, Peugeot, and Dodge. We have one regional strategy: to focus on excellent relationships with manufacturers. Over the last 12 months, we have been preparing the company for a new future. We are a wholesale company in Colombia; we do not own any retail operations. This is different from our Chilean and Peruvian operations. We have a dedicated team of people for Volvo, one for Peugeot, and a third for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. We also have an office for our fourth company that provides support to the three commercial companies. Our key point is to have a professional dealer network. It is important to provide excellent experiences to customers. That is how we try to add value.

Pedro Mejí­a

President, PracoDidacol

The market is going through some difficulties in 2018. We participate in three different segments: passenger vehicles, trucks and buses, and construction and mining. Construction and mining has been significantly affected by of the Odebrecht case, which has translated into lack of financing. The trucks and buses segment has been difficult for the past three years, decreasing its volume significantly due to market conditions and regulation changes. Passenger vehicles performed the best. We expect the market to perform better after the presidential elections in June, when uncertainty should be reduced. Our focus is to offer a differentiated experience to all our customers, based on reaching operational excellence and offer a differentiated experience to all our customers. We are investing in the development of new tools to adapt to new market conditions and prepare ourselves for future growth. The introduction of two new brands will give us the opportunity to participate in new segments and have a more robust portfolio.

Juan Felipe Bedoya

General Manager, Juan Felipe Bedoya

Porsche Colombia is part of the Volkswagen Group, and we are present in 25 markets; however, we report to a holding company in Austria, rather than directly in each country. There are several aspects to the business. One is that Porsche is a wholesaler, selling our cars to dealers, which is what Porsche Colombia does in Colombia. Second, Porsche Colombia provides financing for customers who buy our vehicles. When we started the business in Colombia in 2012, we had a market share of around 2.2% in Volkswagen passenger cars. In 2017, we achieved 4.1%, and our goal for 2018 is 4.6%. As with many global brands, our group has a market strategy for volume globally. When it comes to Latin America, this is a complex region. South America is a large continent with complex geography and logistics, and the countries are not well connected. This means vehicle brands need to have a strategy that is divided into a number of sub-regions within South America.



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