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Carlos Arroyo

MEXICO - Health & Education

Carlos Arroyo

Director General, Grupo Diagnóstico Proa


Carlos Arroyo is Managing Director at Grupo Diagnóstico Proa with over 20 years of experience. He has held leading positions in companies such as Walmart, Coca-Cola and Vitro. His areas of expertise include marketing, operations management and reengineering. He has an MBA from ISADE & Adolfo Ibañez School.

“The pandemic highlighted the fact that the health sector in Mexico was unprepared to face this period with sufficient assurances."

What strategies have you implemented to adapt the group’s business model to the new needs of the market in this global healthcare crisis?

The pandemic highlighted the fact that the health sector in Mexico was unprepared to face this period with sufficient assurances. We arranged for PCRs, antigen testing, and other kits to arrive as soon as possible. We had to react quickly, and we implemented safety protocols across all our branches. This ensures we will not suffer backlogs or delays of any kind. Our workers and patients are provided with all the available safety measures.

As the new head of the Proa Group, what is your vision for the company?

There is a great opportunity to improve the healthcare options in Mexico, and when I received the invitation from the Proa group I did not hesitate for an instant. We have almost 4,000 collaborators—4,000 Mexican families to whom we owe our responsibility to provide them with the best possible service. We need a successful and proactive Proa Group in terms of both strategies and value.

Which sector will the Proa Group focus on investing in the medium term?

It is important to have a proposal that covers all sectors of the Mexican population. Today, we are comprised of five brands in five different formats. The largest is Laboratorios Diagnósticos Chopo, though we also have a new proposal called Acceso Salud, in which we have a well-defined proposal for sectors that lack access to healthcare services.

How do you seek to distinguish yourself from other similar laboratories?

The healthcare industry must prioritize the needs of its patients. That is the reason why Proa Group is fully committed to carrying this out above and beyond any business interest. That does not mean we are neglecting our growth as a company. We are currently present in 26 states in Mexico and have almost 400 branches, and we want to continue increasing these numbers. We also want to continue with the digital transformation process we started recently because that is the future of this market. Being able to customize services will become essential in the future. That is why today we are working on our omnichannel proposal, which means one can reach our services either through e-commerce or through our app.

What aspects are you looking to continue to grow, either in terms of branches or certifications, in the medium term?

We want to continue optimizing the personalized service that we have recently implemented in addition to the digitalization process. Unfortunately, our industry lags far behind in this regard, and it will become one of our primary objectives going into the future. We must be able to ensure that our service works equally well across all of our branches. We want any citizen who contracts our services to be able to enjoy all the advantages we offer. No one single branch will be better than another; all of them will offer the same quality services. Likewise, our prices are affordable, and users will get more than a return on the money invested.

Are you looking to offer B2B services for companies?

We have an entire segment of companies that we want to serve, and we want to keep up with the situation that the country is undergoing. It is a segment that also has major challenges, and there are many opportunities. The return to an eventual new normality means a great challenge for companies. That is why our relationship with B2B is indispensable. It must be an efficient and effective relationship whereby we are able to generate value and respond to companies in order to exceed their expectations in terms of agility of response.

What has been the experience with the pandemic been like for the group?

If there is something that characterizes the Proa Group and its five brands, it is its enormous commitment. We have a group of people of whom I am deeply proud. It has not been easy task to survive through this whole pandemic, and our employees have exceeded expectations and done a great job not only for our company but for the country as well. They were the ones who brought in PCRs and the much-needed antigen tests. I am also extremely proud to see how we all comply with the safety conditions in all of our branches, because they know Mexico’s health begins with them taking care of themselves. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for the tremendous effort they have made and to highlight the unity of all Mexicans in this critical situation that we have experienced.



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