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MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Carlos Brito

Executive Director NoLA, Logicalis


A C-level senior executive with over 20 years of experience, Carlos Brito was appointed as Logicalis Latam’s Executive Vice President to lead the regional operations in North Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic). Previously, he was the country president of Dimension Data Brasil and, earlier, its finance director. With his prior employer Compuware, Brito directed all financial functions for the company’s Brazil subsidiary as well as other countries in Latin America. He was also with Compuware as a financial supervisor and with MSF Brazil as financial analyst. Brito holds an Executive MBA in finance from IBMEC São Paulo and an MBA in business management from Fundacao Getulio Vargas.

"We decided to organize ourselves on the four major pillars: the cloud, security, data, and services."

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction and ensure its success, Logicalis invests heavily on services and building a strong practice.

What main opportunities for investment has Logicalis identified in the Mexican market?

We decided to organize ourselves on the four major pillars: the cloud, security, data, and services. Even though we are a systems integrator, we started with networking and connectivity, transactional basic stuff. We are transforming the business toward the major trends and are organizing ourselves with our business units to capture those four pillars. Our investments revolve around these right now. Currently, we have a robust portfolio around those four pillars, and we continue to invest in developing this portfolio, building business cases, or use cases for our customers around those pillars. We invest heavily on services because they are where we materialize the experience and the value that we sell. This is all about how we build a strong practice about customer success to ensure customers are capable of using and adopting the technology they are buying and extracting the maximum value of the investments. It is assisted operation. That is why as a system integrator, we do not manufacture anything; we build the puzzle. We purchase from different vendors or partners from our ecosystem, add our services to them, and deliver an end-to-end solution. That is how we bring value to the tool. As a system integrator, we have two sets of customers: the manufacturers or vendors; and customers. We need to serve and add value for both. Our intellectual property is all around services. That is where we materialize all the value that we bring to the market. Companies do not just buy technology for the sake of buying them. It is all about how technology can accelerate the ambitions of their companies.

How would you describe the profile of your customers in Mexico?

Strategically, we have selected six verticals that we focus on where we have a specialized sales, pre-sales, and services delivery. The purpose of this strategy is to ensure our team speaks the language of our customers, because self-security to a bank is different from that of a telco, a retailer, a mining company, and so on. That requires a level of sophistication and specialization that, according to our strategic plan, we can only achieve by specializing in sales pre-sales and delivery capabilities. We only focus six verticals in the private sector: telcos, finance, retail, mining, automotive, and utilities. Those are the six verticals where we have specialized teams. Right now, we do not support the public sector as of yet.

What are some of the main projects you are developing in Mexico?

We have transactional types of projects for infrastructure; however, since we deal with all those investments around the four pillars, our goal is all about accelerating those four pillars. We build a portfolio, so we participate in events. We invite customers and do presentations around those four pillars of the cloud, security, data, and services. Then, we present our capabilities and what we can do with that. We seek projects around those four pillars in those six verticals. We do not physically build data centers; however, we can do everything, from equipment, services, cabling, and so on that is needed inside a data center. We can manage all the technology that goes inside a data center. We can build, provide support, and manage services and help those data centers to operate. We have a strong practice around services to guarantee that we can support, operate, manage, and monitor. We are one of the few systems integrators globally that can provide internet solutions. Logicalis has a large operation, perhaps one of the biggest in Latin America. We have a presence in 12 countries and 3,500 people on our team. In Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic, we started from zero. We started in Mexico seven years ago with three people, and today we have 160. By February 2023, the end of our fiscal year, we plan to have 200 people. We have more than 900 customers in Latin America. Because we have such a strong footprint in Latam, we have many regional customers and do many regional deals.



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