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MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Carlos Marcel

Managing Director, Kyndryl Mexico


Carlos Marcel brings over 22 years of experience and a deep understanding of the technology industry in Latin America. He most recently served as the managing director of Kyndryl Chile. Previously, he held the position of customer management director for IBM South America, overseeing key customer relationships as well as end-to-end infrastructure services.

"During the last Buen Fin—Mexico’s annual nationwide shopping event—we managed around 430 million transactions."
TBY talks to Carlos Marcel, Managing Director of Kyndryl Mexico.
The world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, Kyndryl assists clients in modernizing and managing their critical systems and services using emerging technologies to drive business innovation.
What is the primary challenge facing your clients in the Mexican market regarding digital transformation?

Our customers are seriously considering how to best transform their business. They are thinking about improved efficiency and productivity and creating greater proximity to their clients. From our perspective, we see three main challenges, the first being IT infrastructure. There are numerous transformational initiatives for greater productivity, and we need to reinforce how companies can best adopt the technology and the infrastructure required to achieve this effectively. Nearshoring will also provide huge opportunities not just for manufacturing companies, but for the industry as a whole. The second challenge concerns talent. We have noted a drop in available skills in the Mexican market are helping our clients to develop new skills. And as a member of the Mexican Association of the Information Technology Industry (AMITI) board of directors, this is one of the points I am part of discussions about. The third challenge is about innovation, and we have made our business available to assist clients when it comes to adopting technologies such as AI. This requires a strong data governance, and we help our clients to set up a data warehouse, for example. We determine how firms can transform their core business to better support new demand. As an example, during the last Buen Fin—Mexico’s annual nationwide shopping event—we managed around 430 million transactions. Companies need to be ready to deliver quick service during such periods or else sustain damage to their business.

What client profile do you look for?

Our customer portfolio contains large and medium-sized companies. We are preparing to get closer to small and medium businesses, focused on helping them to adopt new technologies and modernize. Such companies can face difficulties in adopting new technologies like cloud, security solutions, and AI because of budget restraints. Our goal is to help them to do so while remaining within their budgets. We offer contract solution services lasting 2, 3, or even 4 years, depending on their needs. We also offer managed services security solutions, and data solutions on demand.

What factors are behind the achievements of the company in 2023?

In the end of 2023, we completed two years as an independent operation. As a young company, we have achieved important results to help our customers meet their business goals. For example, we have announced a new sales team for Monterrey to prepare ourselves for the potential business to come from nearshoring. We are also investing in our resources now that we have become more of a consultancy company, delivering and managing customer solutions. A perfect example is Kyndryl Bridge, the industry’s first open-integration technology services platform that seamlessly integrates operational data, AI, and Kyndryl’s expertise to provide customers with a new way to operate their systems and deliver improved business outcomes. Bridge was born from the company’s decades of expertise managing enterprise customers’ mission-critical, complex technology environments and is an “as-a-service” operating environment that includes a single marketplace, an operational management console, and a service provider dashboard.

What steps is Kyndryl taking to better serve its clients in 2024?

There are two main areas: the continued improvement of the services we deliver to our base clients; and growth. From the client’s perspective, our focus is to generate new solutions and build on our consultancy services. Our sales team continue to showcase what we can contribute to the ecosystem. From a technological point of view, we are focused on cloud, then cybersecurity and recovering operational integrity in the event of a breach. Next comes the data itself. There are strong examples in the market of several clients we have helped with data systems adoption. Finally, there is application modernization. With the support of global alliances forged in the last two years, we are combining Kyndryl’s expertise with cutting-edge technology from IT titans to help our customers with their modernization journeys.



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