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MEXICO - Economy

Cecilia Fallabrino

CEO & Founder, UPAX


Cecilia Fallabrino is a professional with over 28 years of experience, holding a degree in human resources from the University of Buenos Aires. For the past five years, she has served as CEO & Founder of UPAX, the second-largest market research company in Mexico according to AMAI 2021. She is also the creator of a successful collaborative economy app for gathering information and performing tasks, known as UPAXER. Ceci is an expert in building high-performance teams and a leader in projects related to innovation, technological development, customer service, and international business expansion.

"We are working on many things, specifically on research and technology and entering the US market."
UPAX’s team of experts help companies interpret consumer sentiments online and offline, connect with younger consumers, and adapt marketing strategies for diverse media platforms.
As a company that deals with investigation and marketing, what have been the principal challenges facing your clients in Mexico?

Consumer behavior was one of the things that changed drastically following the pandemic, namely in terms of how people consume things, where they search for them, the methods they use, and more. This has led to research becoming significantly more important as companies now need to understand how customers’ tastes evolve, how they can best promote their products, and how to best connect to them. Technology is also rapidly evolving and affecting how research is done. Where before we used focus groups and telephone surveys, now there are digital options, providing us with vast amounts of data.

What investments are you making in research in order to gather information more efficiently?

We had to invest in doing better social listening since social media is able to tell us a great deal about products, behaviors, consumers, and so on. Our research department has been gathering data for more than 12 years, and in the last two years we decided to use this information to develop massive databases. We also have people working on a technology platform that can connect to consumers and receive answers to questions almost immediately, which means the data we receive is completely up to date. We also pay participants directly through the platform. Technology has enabled us to modernize the research we do; for example, the sessions we conducted today were all done via Zoom. Our objectives are to make things more practical with less travel and a wider scope.

How does UPAX make the most of the data it has available at its disposal?

Consumers might say things they don’t mean, and it is important for us to have experts who can read between the lines and connect what is being said online and in person. Here, we have a team led by director general Pablo Levy. Consumers now are also not that loyal to brands or companies, particularly younger consumers who tend to seek better options. Younger people also often look for more environmentally friendly companies or organizations that are more inclusive. Accordingly, we also help companies connect more with such consumers and conduct research into helping companies develop better marketing strategies. Marketing has also undergone a revolution in recent years, with alternative avenues such as TikTok, YouTube, and so on, and part of our work is to help clients understand how to better connect with different audiences. Every message that is delivered has to be able to be tailored specifically for different mediums and audiences.

What are your biggest projects at the moment?

We are working on many things, specifically on research and technology and entering the US market. We also offer other companies the use of our staff, who are extremely talented and can construct platforms for other companies given the shortage of software engineers capable of designing platforms here. There is a great opportunity for us here, and we work with both companies in Mexico and the US. UPAX has also widened its offerings and recently incorporated one of the biggest publicity agencies into the group. This agency produces the highest number of commercials in Mexico and was nominated as the top company in terms of below-the-line marketing. It is the second-largest home marketing company in Mexico, with over 23,000 screens distributed across the country, enabling extensive coverage for our clients. In November 2023, we launched the biggest advertising screen in Mexico in Periférico, measuring 300sqm. There are other areas of opportunity as well, such as the upcoming elections. In the last few months, we have been helping many potential candidates figure out how to better connect with voters. Before, publicity was directed at the masses, though technology has since allowed us to direct commercials to individuals and tailor specific messages.



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