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Ciro Garnica

COLOMBIA - Health & Education

Ciro Garnica

President, Ciro Garnica


Ciro Garnica is a global figure in the field of dental cosmetics and a pioneer in image and smile design in Colombia. He graduated as a dentist from the Colombian Dental College (UNICOC) and has specializations in dental aesthetics and oral implantology from NYU. He is the founder and president of the Dental Business Circle (CEO), president of the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology (IAOCI LATAM), active member of the Colombian Dental Federation, and founder of Innovation and Promotion of Oral Implantology (INFINITO).

We employ innovative laser technology, while all of our operations are digital, using 3D printers and digital planning.

What is your commitment to innovation and technology?
We maintain a leading position. We employ innovative laser technology, while all of our operations are digital, using 3D printers and digital planning. A surgery is done three times: virtually, digitally, and in real time. This gives the patient safety and is truly innovative. Technology also allows us to observe surgeries in other countries. We also share surgeries we perform here with colleagues in the education sector.

Which country sends the largest number of dental tourists?
Many people come from Europe, notably Spain, Germany, and Italy, essentially for treatment in the private sector. Medical tourism is strong in Antioquia, especially in Medellí­n, with cardiovascular surgery, implants, and grafts leading the charts. If we had the support of international advertising and agreements, the dentistry sector could triple within two years.

What are your goals for 2020 and beyond?
A common goal is union. We want to achieve an understanding with various actors such as universities, companies, and the state. If we establish this triad, we will strengthen the dental sector. A premise of the business circle is that every dentist should have business principles and the requisite skills to operate with commercial efficiency.

How have you implemented technology and innovation?
I am president of the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology. In the future, we will see the elimination of all metal from the mouth, including titanium in implants. This academy covers Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and Central America, but we are already connected all over the world. We held the first International Congress of Ceramic Implantology in Latin America. We brought in doctors from Italy, the US, Germany, and Venezuela.

Is there any strategy for catering to the celebrity market?
We have stayed in this niche and enjoyed coverage on television. We are linked with modeling agencies and the G4 group. We also hold image and smile design workshops for models.



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