The Business Year

Claudia Fernández

COLOMBIA - Industry

Claudia Fernández & Carlos Peñaranda

General Manager, E McAllister


These companies offer customers in Colombia customized solutions and international brands. They specialize in training and aftersales care as part of their mission to offer a complete portfolio of services.

What value does the company add to the Colombian market?

CLAUDIA FERNÁNDEZ We offer solutions to our clients through the sale and rent of machinery by offering regional technical support, the sale of spare parts and training. We have experienced technicians and the support of the brands we represent. As direct representatives of reliable and excellent quality brands, we have specific products through which we offer integral solutions to our clients. These 104 years have granted us the opportunity to know the Colombian market, the different types of clients, and their needs to provide them with the best solutions. We are authorized distributors for specific brands, and we have made sure our foreign suppliers fulfill the international standards for the machinery they supply. We have access to the best equipment for our clients and the ability to identify their situations and the right solutions.

CARLOS PEÑARANDA Right now, we are meeting multiple needs of the market. We offer services to almost every industry that needs material handling. We work in the development of solutions for manufacturing, logistics, and retail. We also see much potential in power trend solutions. And by making our battery synergy systems available to other sectors, we drive mobility across the market. Today, the competition has lead acid batteries. These are electric forklifts, but we are trying to introduce lithium technology to every aspect of the industry, which is more sustainable. This solution is especially relevant for the construction and agricultural machinery industry. Vertical farming is an important business field of the future. Currently, in Dubai, we see the first vertical farming initiatives. If we enter different automated sectors of the industry, we can add more potential to a country such as Colombia, that is already highly agricultural. If we enter these sectors in other countries and bring it to our country, we stand to bring technology to an industry locally that needs it.

What do you focus on to be a useful partner to clients?

CF We are most interested in providing our clients with the best services, and reliable equipment. They may need factory support, guarantees, and, most importantly the safety of their employees and mechanics. One thing that characterizes us is that our equipment provides confidence to the workers and operators. Poorly maintained machinery that does not meet quality standards can cause accidents at any time, which is a risk for both people and technicians. Our main concern is all about safe workspaces, safe work at heights, and cargo handling. This differentiates us and is what we are most interested in offering our clients. Many times, clients do not want to invest their CAPEX on products or machinery that are not related to their business. For example, Nestlé trades in food products but also needs lift trucks to move its merchandise. In this case, we offer it a fleet of lift trucks with an in-house technician for their installations. These rentals bring huge benefits to our clients, who can focus on what they are good at. Our value proposition is complete. In the event that one of the machines breaks down, we will swiftly replace it and avoid halts in production. Through our in-house technician, we gain exact knowledge regarding what types of machines are needed for our clients’ production.

What role do tailor-made solutions have in your client relationships?

CP Right now, we have an after-sales department implementing the Jungheinrich Connect App. This is a mobile app that will be integrated to enhance the existing Jungheinrich Colombia after-sales infrastructure. Today after-sales in the industry is done by phone or e-mail, so we are implementing this app to connect to the customer and make the routine after-sales and maintenance program easier. Emergency stops and customized processes will feature in this mobile app to allow the customer a direct connection with us 24/7. We are set to have many maintenance and orders triggered automatically via the app. We are, therefore, going to be able to respond to the customer even more quickly and efficiently than we are right now. The app is also set to give us considerable relevant data on customer schedules. We will, therefore, have a tool that gives us a first contact with the customers and live data on any difficulties trucks might encounter. We will also be in a position to effect preventive solutions.



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