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Claudio Román

MEXICO - Tourism

Claudio Román

Founder, Mezcal Mitre


Claudio Román is a Mexican entrepreneur whose career is based on luxury consumption. He is currently the CEO & co-founder of MITRE, an artisanal and sustainable mezcal that offers one of the most artistic presentations for a distilled liquor in Mexico. He has a degree in business administration from ITAM.

Mezcal Mitre is focused heavily on differentiating itself in the market and positioning the brand accurately via digital content and advertising.

As a Mexican spirits company, what has your experience entering international markets been like?

Mezcal Mitre was born as an international project meant for exportation. I did not like how national alcoholic beverages were being exported, so I wanted to develop a product that shared my view of Mexico. We developed a bottle that is shaped like a jaguar’s head to represent a fusion between the traditional and modern side of Mexico in an elegant manner. The first years were spent on positioning the brand in the domestic market. We realized we could position ourselves strongly in Mexico and also enter other markets. We have the market position we sought before the pandemic. We were signing contracts that were not affected by the pandemic, and that opened gates for us. We have also started to find opportunities abroad, in the US. We have been making some headway. It has not been the ideal year that we thought, but we are maintaining our international contracts.

What strategies did you use to differentiate yourself in the Mexican market?

In terms of wines and liqueur, a company can position itself in the segment for alcohol consumed in cafeterias, bars, or restaurants. This is on trade. Or, one can position themselves in off trade, which is when you purchase the product in a store to consume it elsewhere. Normally, you would develop a 360-degree strategy. Thankfully, we have a product that is disruptive in terms of image, and that helped us to get the doors open for us. Our image has always been extremely impactful and stands out. However, image alone is not enough. We had a team behind us that specialized in tasting events and promotion. I realized the importance of marketing for organizations after I read a book on the person who founded Nike. This was at the end of 2019. We wanted to be strong in marketing, so we hired an individual for public relations, a strategist on digital segmentation, video, and content. Today, huge campaigns can be conducted on social networks, and we invest heavily on digital content and advertising. We love being an artistic brand and take great care of our image. We try to do things right; there is a great deal of competition, and the difference between success and being irrelevant is not doing things well. We have two bottles with jaguar heads, but we also have a cheaper brand called Origen. Even though it is cheaper, it is still artistic and of excellent quality

How important is online marketing with e-commerce?

We started on Amazon in 2019, but we are not that heavily focused on that. We have three labels on Amazon. We also have the three labels in Mercado Libre. My father lives in Spain, and the pandemic hit there first, and he warned me in advance of what was to come to Mexico. I thus focused our efforts on e-commerce. We have excellent reviews on Amazon; there are more than 300 mezcal labels on Amazon, and we have one in top 10 and other in top 20.

What are your goals for 2021?

I am very focused on the off-trade side, meaning stores. I am focused on selling at a national level. We expect to grow by 100%. We also want to have a presence in 100 relevant restaurants and bars in the gastronomic business. Mexico City is extremely important because if you are well established here, you can go to other cities on the outskirts. We also want to have a solid contract in the US next year. We have more than 1,000 selling points at a national level. In 2021, we will focus on consumption centers, namely restaurants, among other businesses. At an international level, the priority is the US market.



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