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José Miguel Monge Gómez

COSTA RICA - Telecoms & IT

Clean As A Whistle

General Manager, Data Center Consultores


José Miguel Monge Gómez is General Manager of Data Center Consultores, a leading consulting firm in the design, certification, and operation of data centers in Latin America. He has an undergraduate degree in electronic engineering and a master’s in project management from the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. He is PMP, ATD, and ATS accredited. Currently, he is an Executive MBA student at the INCAE Business School and looking for new tools to accomplish the next growth strategy of the firm. Since its foundation, he has worked in different roles, from Senior Consultant and Project Manager to his current role as General Manager.

TBY talks to José Miguel Monge Gómez, General Manager of Data Center Consultores, on South American expansion, clean energy, and carbon neutrality.

In what ways has your company evolved, and what are your plans for moving into countries like Mexico?

Our first project took place in Panama, followed by a big project for an important bank in Honduras. After that, we began several critical projects for the Costa Rican government—mainly focused on banks like Banco de Costa Rica, Banco National, and several cooperatives. Then, we tried to expand our business in South America, starting in Ecuador with some important projects for the CNT, prior to our participation supporting the project design for two data centers—one in Quito and the other one in Guayaquil. We are currently trying to have more participation and get involved in more projects from these countries. As a result, we got a significant project in Peru for Sunat, the Peruvian tax collecting institution.

In addition to consultancy, design, certification, and operation services, what other services does Data Center Consultores offer to keep its leading position on the market?

We started operations as an electromechanical, architectural, and civil design company before venturing into the design and construction certification opportunities and later, into the data centers operation and maintenance field. We launched a new company called Intelligence Carbon Zero during the 2016 Data Center Summit. The main focus of this company will be the use of clean energies via the introduction of certain technologies such as data mining and big data to monitor data centers. We have also created a strategy to make the maintenance and operation of data centers more predictive by applying data mining and big data information from a software that will be implemented. The vision of this new company is based on providing our clients services that differ from what the market currently offers.

What relevant projects do you have in the pipeline?

We are currently working on the Banco Nacional and Registro Nacional data centers. Besides, we are on the design stage for another data center that will be initiated next year. In addition to that, we have a design certification and construction data center project in Colombia, and another project for the Ministerio de Vivienda de Costa Rica that has already been designed but is on hold for budgetary reasons.

Costa Rica has built high-quality data center infrastructures and is an industry leader after Brazil. What opportunities does the country have to become a regional hub?

One of the main purposes of the Data Center Summit 2016 was to look for that opportunity. During 2016, we produced around a 100% of our energy from green sources. This is a major opportunity for data centers in the region because all trends are going toward more efficient solutions that use less energy and green sources. Costa Rica is also working to become carbon neutral by 2021; hence, these eco-friendly solutions can also contribute to transform Costa Rica into a data center hub focused on producing green energy.

Some countries such as Russia, Korea, and Brazil have been trying to attract large technology firms. What does Costa Rica need to attract these multinationals?

We need to focus on education specialized on data center operations. Costa Rica has excellent professionals and our education system is one of the best in the region. However, if we want to become a hub for data centers technology, we have to reinforce some areas of education like management, operations, research, and other relevant fields.



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